Lawrence Trailer: Declaration review

By on August 10, 2012

You know those commercials where the crazy people eating Chex Mix have to disguise the bag so they can eat their snack in peace? In a way, I’m one of them. Except it’s more like once I start eating Chex Mix I can’t stop. So while you may not understand the gravity of what it means when I put down the bag to excitedly take notes on an EP, I assure you, it means the music is definitely worth a listen.

The acoustic opener “A Change of Season” has a strange and subtle but wonderful effect. Someone is whispering the entire song alongside the vocals that are being sang normally, and they create a thicker, ghostly sort of effect that’s really cool. It’s followed up by “Brooklyn Bound” which has so many layers it’s a wonder they were able to keep it as controlled as they did. “Bottom” has an intricate acoustic intro and has a more folky, but very upbeat sound. The strings that come in just past the one minute mark build into a dark and stormy feel before stopping dead and bringing the sunny sound back. These three tracks together are sure to win people over.

Now the bad news: “Slow Down (To The World’s Disarray)” has everything going for it – except the chorus. It’s pretty boring, but the instruments and verses help make up for it a bit. The song just slows down the momentum of the EP too much. Luckily “Break It To Me” picks things back up. It’s the most aggressive track, but they keep it catchy and let guitars take center stage in the bridge. “Hurricane In NY” makes you want to move. Everything about the song makes it the most solid track of the EP. Stream and download Declaration here:

RIYL: The Early November, Promise of Redemption, Leaving Araby

Track Listing: 

1. A Change of Season
2. Brooklyn Bound
3. Bottom
4. Slow Down (To The World’s Disarray)
5. Break It To Me
6. People’s Choice
7. Hurricane In NY
8. Moving Where The Sun Goes

Review by Alisha Kirby – HHM