Little Barrie: King of The Waves

By on May 23, 2012

I firmly believe that there should always be a band like Little Barrie around. Their blend of blues, folk, soul and surf rock n’ roll add a bit of old school diversity to the entire music scene. This UK group sounds much bigger than the three-piece that they are – if I didn’t know any better I’d say their sound would be perfect for large arena audiences (which is precisely what their playing in Japan).
The guitars are laden with reverb and fuzzy goodness pretty much throughout the album. You’ll be hard pressed to find a section with a completely effect-less guitar. Wharton’s contributions on bass make all the difference. In tracks like the opening “Surf Hell” his rolling bass lines are more the backbone of the song than anything. But each member contributes equally. Tracks like the infectious “Tip It Over” build one layer at a time before blowing up into the urgent, quick paced song it is.
Aside from the extremely fast songs, these guys have a knack for the calmed down jams. Tracks like “Does The Halo Rust?” and “Precious Pressure” pull the instrumentation back just enough that you can sit back and just enjoy Cadogan’s smooth vocal delivery. Then tunes like “Money In Paper” pack a solid punch. It’s songs like that and “Dream To Live” that are downright hypnotizing.
Trust me, if you want to feel really cool driving to the grocery store sometime, throw on this album and roll down the windows. But if you like to try before you buy check out some of their music on their facebook page here:
RIYL: Primal Scream, 22-20s, older surf rock bands
Track listing:

1. Surf Hell
2. How Come
3. Does The Halo Rust?
4. Precious Pressure
5. King of The Waves
6. Now We’re Nowhere
7. Dream To Live
8. Tip It Over
9. I Can’t Wait
10. New Diamond Love
11. Money In Paper
12. Twisted Little Blades
13. We Can’t Work It Out