Lowtalker: The Marathon EP review

By on September 29, 2012

While in the midst of suffering through allergies without any pills and no end in sight I thought maybe I could write a review to distract me. Lowtalker’s The Marathon EP was the right choice. At the end of the six songs you’ll have gotten a workout just by playing along on your air drums for a solid 20 minutes.

“Like Minnows” has got a catchy hook, catchy riffs and is definitely memorable (whether you want it stuck in your head or not). It’s an energetic opener and immediately draws you into the EP. While not nearly as memorable, “Prescriptions” is also a fun listen. While the vocals aren’t necessarily smooth in these two, the rough howls in “Tension” alongside snare heavy percussion combat one another for your attention more-so than in those mentioned above. “The Weight of An Anvil” is the heaviest track of all though.

Strong moments include a little bit of a 90’s grunge influence in “Barstow” which has a little more vocal diversity on the EP. Between the use of shouts, singing and a moment of spoken verse. The closing “Chances” is the best though, especially with its nearly two minute closing instrumental outro. You can stream the EP here:


Track Listing:
1. Like Minnows
2. Tension
3. Prescriptions
4. Barstow
5. The Weight of An Anvil
6. Chances

Review by Alisha Kirby – HHM