Marty McKay to release 7 Deadly Sins video saga series

By on March 22, 2014
Marty McKay

Swiss musician and concept artist Marty McKay’s upcoming release, Sin’s Disciple, is featured on Delusions of Adequacy – they are calling it a “masterful modern take on the seven deadly sins. An album which aims to engage with its listener on a deep level in hopes to create a truly interactive experience. We must applaud McKay for a job well done.”

Zurich-based artist Marty McKay’s concept album, Sin’s Disciple, aims to go beyond a mere debut work. Its multiple media format showcases both a CD and accompanying graphic novel, collectively named Project 7. He managed to build a whole world around the sound with the addition of an elaborately illustrated book, Dante’s Disciple, whose story, which is a modern day analysis of The Seven Deadly Sins, mirrors the themes of the album. Even if both elements of Project 7 stand alone, both are required to understand the full story and intention behind the project.

Avoiding preachy diatribes, McKay embeds his messages in cinematic stories that speak on the pitfalls of human behavior. Tracks like the head bopping “Can’t Get Enough” (Gluttony) are fired off from the POV of a well off, weak willed man who can’t control any of his carnal instincts. Each track on the album embodies one of The Seven Deadly Sins with Marty pointedly accompanying the pop rock hooks with first person narration. The resulting sound is a crossover mix of pop, rap and nu-rock, evoking Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Evanescence. But it is the unique socio-critical message that separates Marty’s music from the pack.

As Marty McKay sees it, “People here don’t have the confidence to do crazier things and I want to prove them wrong. I’m not riding a wave, I’m on my own island.”

Sin’s Disciple produced by Thomas J. Gyger and Fredrik Stromberg.


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