Mayday Parade 10th Anniversary Tour @ The NorVa May 15th 2017

By on May 17, 2017

With a jam packed venue and 3 awesome bands hitting the stage I couldn’t ask for anything more for a Monday night. First up The Milestones a pop rock style band formed back in 1990 and from Pakistani. They release a debut album, Jadoo, released in 1993 and another called Volume II. The fans seem to enjoy the vibe from the band and cheered as they played a 40 minute set. The set included “Shot in the Dark”, “Nothing Left” and “Call me Disaster”. I certainly hope we hear more from this band. Next up an American pop punk emo style band from Chicago. Knuckle Puck formed back in 2010. Starting off with “Disdain” of their Copacetic album. The cheers and movement from the crowd show how much they enjoyed hearing them play. Next song “No Good” from The Weight that you Buried (EP) high energy with ripping riffs and aggressive lyrics great song. With a dozen songs Knuckle Puck ended the night with “Pretense”.  Knuckle Puck have been touring for a good time now and if you go to Warp Tour most likely you will have a chance to see them. So with the crowd pumped up and ready to see Mayday Parade hit the stage, lights dim down as they walk onto the stage. Coming out strong with “Jamie all over” high energy great vocals crowds jumping and loving it. Next song “Black Cat” a great catchy song really digging this one and so is the crowd. Next “When I get home you’re so dead” a darker song but excellent vocal and guitar riffs. The set consist of 20 songs and ending it with “Oh Well, Oh Well” another great time with an awesome performance. Catch them on tour if you get a chance you won’t regret it.

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