Mexico’s Aware the Oppressed stir up the metal world with new single ‘Awakening’

By on February 10, 2015
Aware the Oppressed

Aware the Oppressed is a brand-new, passion-fuelled metalcore act. Ready to be heard by any means necessary, the band has been working hard since their formation, releasing one EP and creating the foundation for their upcoming debut full-length. “Awakening”, the latest single from that debut has just dropped and the band has premiered a teaser video on BlankTV in support of the song and their all-new release.


The band was formed in the summer of 2013 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, by 16 year-olds Roman Cabanillas, Pablo Romero and Gustavo Morales. The three friends had all played together in small cover bands before, but had never tried to make their own music. After a while everyone went off on their own, playing in different bands, making music. Then one day the friends got together to play covers just for fun. Roman showed them a song he’d written on guitar, which everybody liked and decided to help him finish. The next week, Pablo brought his friend Kevin to the rehearsal to try to get him in the band. He loved the song and learned it right away, eventually inviting bassist “Waffa” to join in. Together everyone finished the first Aware the Oppressed song “Facilities are Doubting”.

They started practicing every week, trying to make new music, spending a lot of time recording stuff at home, coming up with ideas. They had their first gig together almost immediately after forming, playing covers and the only song they had. By December, they’d finished two more songs and decided it was time to record a demo. Wanting it to sound great, they pursued the team behind the recordings of a local band called Symbols, eventually connecting with Hector Rodriguez and his small home studio “Everest Studios”. The sound he had achieved was amazing (for what little equipment he had) so the band contacted him and, by the end of January 2014, released their 3 song EP Omen of Extinction.


Hector helped the band find their first gig with a touring act. Alongside Symbols, the band opened for While the Heart Becomes, a big Mexican metalcore band, and from there started playing with touring bands from Mexico, such as FromAlaska, Frozen Remains, Limerance, Divided By I, and more. It was a big year for them, getting in front of bigger crowds and meeting a lot of people who could help them get bigger in their home country.


Then in the summer of 2014 they started recording with Hector Rodriguez again. This time their focus wasn’t on a demo or EP, but the band’s debut full-length. Drums were recorded in one week at a house in Hermosillo. Everything else took another week to record at Everest Studios. The band then built up more steam, playing live as much as they could before announcing the release of Awakening: Digging a New Beginning. On December 29 they released the first song from the album, “Royal Salute”, along with a lyric video for the new single. The clip was a politically charged piece, trying to create some awareness of what’s going on in Syria, and talking about the effects of war across the globe, while also addressing social issues in Mexico.



Roman Cabanillas – Vocals

Pablo Romero – Lead Guitar

Kevin Félix – Rythm Guitar

Rafael “Waffa” Sandoval – Bass

Gustavo Morales – Drums 


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