Mia Doi Todd releasing new album;Kickstarter for new video

By on April 25, 2011

Prolific singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, Mia Doi Todd
returns with her 9th album, Cosmic Ocean Ship, produced by Jonathan
Wilson. Recorded in Los Angeles to analog 2 inch tape, the album has a
warmth and depth that showcases Mia’s beautiful, powerful, unique, and at
times delicate voice. It is being released on City Zen Records/Virtual
Label this Spring.

She’s just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a music
video for the song “Canto de Iemanja” on my new album Cosmic Ocean Ship,
coming out May 17.


There are prizes for the different levels of donations. She is shooting
down in Baja, Mexico from April 29 to May 2. If you pledge by April 29,
she will write your name on a piece of paper and launch it on our Cosmic
Ocean Ship.

Here’s some of the pre-release press on “Cosmic Ocean Ship.”

A particularly blustery L.A. sunset provides a fine setting to hear Cosmic
Ocean Ship. The sky is red and the wind blows sand in your eyes and it
adds a little something when Mia Doi Todd sings “I am the ocean…” like a
mermaid during “Under The Sun.” The whole town will collapse, but any
shred of panic simply goes away as she switches Romance languages and
various degrees of Afro-Latin chillout rhythms from tune to tune. The
percussion swirls rhythmically on her cover “Canto De Lemanja”—oh, and
she’s transformed into a bird. Is that a guitar shredding suddenly? Yes.
This album is uplifting. During “Gracias a La Vida,” we become grateful
for life’s gifts, our eyes, our hearts, her voice, which all sound much
lovelier in Spanish. We’re still experiencing that windy L.A. sunset,
remember—does not this green grass now look especially green? Does not
this graffiti on the wall take on the vibrancy of flowers in a meadow? Am
I floating? Everyone on the street smiles at you now, and you smile back
because no one is creepy anymore, as long as his record plays. More
Spanish on “La Havana,” amid trickling piano
and a guitar that seems to roll over as she pulls us onto her “cosmic
ocean ship,” where we are rocked softly by
harp, soothed despite our existential crises. She says “ocean” again
during “Rising Tide,” her environmental
tune. And of course, there’s plenty love to go around, especially in
France, it seems.
-Daiana Feuer LA Record April

I first saw Mia Doi Todd during L.A. Folk Fest’s “desert weekend” back in
February. The first night took place at Pappy and Harriet’s, where Tommy
Santee Claus and He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister performed, among
others. The second show was a daytime gig, so after perusing through the
vintage stores on 29 Palms Highway, we made our way in. One performance
really stood out to me, and that was Mia Doi Todd’s. She has a gentle,
natural presence, gracefully strumming the acoustic and singing with a
deep and soothing tone. Her voice is almost like a chant, and the hollow
sound of her hands tapping the soundboard of her guitar put the audience
into a trance, hanging on her every move. Her music has an honest, rustic
but pretty aura. Mia’s 9th studio album, Cosmic Ocean Ship, comes out
next month.
-Jenna PutnamLA.DeliMagazine.com 4/5

Offering ten tracks worth of beautifully serene, lulling, and melodic
music, this album gently hits the listener like a calm soothing breeze on
a fine sunny spring day. Singer/songwriter Mia Doi Todd possesses an
exquisitely soft, delicate, and reassuring voice: She doesn’t really
warble the pleasant lyrics; instead she carefully whispers them to you in
the most charming and relaxed tone imaginable. The subdued beats and
gradual, but constant tempos ebb and flow at a wonderfully laid-back
rhythm. Best of all, there’s a sweet and frail warmth evident throughout
that’s utterly endearing and enchanting in equal measure. A complete
– Joe Wawrzyniak, JerseyBeat.com 4/11

Todd sings like a vulnerable mortal yet her voice is the kind of
spellbinding other-realmly instrument that one would expect a deity or
mystical creature to possess. This record will make you feel better. And
even if that turns out to be some mythical being’s trick to lull you into
something or another it’s worth it, because it makes you feel really good.
-Jake Austen/RoctoberReviews.blogspot.com 4/11

We’ve been listening to her music for years now…and we still just can’t
get enough of Mia Doi Todd. Cosmic Ocean Ship is her ninth full-length
release…and it just may be her strongest album yet. And that’s saying
something, considering how enchanting her previous discs are. Ship was
influenced by sounds and ideas from Brazil, Mexico, France, and
India…and yet the songs don’t come across sounding like world pop. While
other folks at imitating one another and following trends, Ms. Todd seems
content to follow her own cool muse…making exactly the kind of music she
chooses to make because it (apparently) gives her inner satisfaction. In
spinning this disc we get the same feeling we get whenever we hear Mary
Hopkins’ Earth Song, Ocean Song. The songs are incredibly beautiful and
driven by dreamy organic sounds…and at the heart of the songs are Mia’s
super smooth and enchanting vocals. This lady has one of the smoothest
voices on the planet, there’s no denying that. At a point in time when the
world is so fucked up and there’s so much negative energy everywhere,
Todd’s decision to offer a totally positive and uplifting listening
experience was exactly the right choice. She really hit the bull’s eye
this time…as each and every track is a mind-blower. Can’t say enough
good things about this album… TOP PICK.
-Don Seven/BabySue.com April

At their most basic the songs on Mia Doi Todd’s “Cosmic Ocean Ship” are
70s styled singer-songwriter folk with a jazz/lounge soul.
This isn’t usually my cup of tea, but with her clear, bright, beautiful
voice and bits of exotica that pop up through-out the album there are
times when Todd sounds like Sade playing with Os Mutantes.
And I have to admit it: I kind of dig this.
There’s a lingering lilt here that sticks with me long after the songs
have finished.
Very nice.
-Jordan Block/Sepiachord.com 4/4


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