Mike Watt bassist on new Iggy & the Stooges album; releases his own: Il Sogno Del Marinaio

By on March 23, 2013


Better 40 years later than never: The follow-up to the first record ever to bear the Iggy and the Stooges logo–the immortal proto-punk masterpiece Raw Power–will finally be out April 30, when Fat Possum Records releases the all-new Iggy and the Stooges studio album, Ready To Die.


Ready To Die finds Iggy and the Stooges — Iggy Pop, guitarist James Williamson and drummer Scott “Rock Action” Asheton — reunited for a full album of all-new material for the first time since the legendary Raw Power sessions, with mike watt – who’s played bass with the Stooges both onstage and on record since the outfit’s reformation in 2003. The results are the closest thing to a time capsule to 1973–or at least to Iggy’s subsequent efforts with Williamson, including 1977’s Kill City and 1979’s New Values–that rock ‘n’ roll is likely to proffer in this millennium.


Just as Iggy exhumed the original Stooges name when he reunited in 2003 with the Asheton brothers and watt on bass, the revival of the Iggy and the Stooges moniker that first appeared on the cover of Raw Power heralded the return of guitarist James Williamson to the fold in 2009, or as Iggy put it then “although ‘the Stooges’ died with Ron Asheton, there is still ‘Iggy and the Stooges’.”


Iggy and the Stooges premiered songs from the new album live at SxSW last week – with watt flying in from Europe just as he’d finished touring with his Italian avant-rock trio il sogno del marinaio who’d just release their debut recording,   la busta gialla. il sogno del marinaio (“the sailor’s dream”), features Italians guitarist stefano pilia and drummer andrea belfi and America’s mike watt on thunderbroom. la busta gialla was recorded at La Sauna studios in the northern Italian town of Varano Borghi and is being released on watt’ clenchedwrench label. I hope you might be interested in covering il sogno del marinaio via feature or CD review. Iggy and the Stooges’ publicity is handled by the fine folks at Nasty Little Man.


“this album was part of the whole experience that brought all three of us (stefano, andrea and myself) together,” watt explains.” I was invited to join them in playing six gigs in italy during the late fall of 2009. it was an invite out of the blue and truly exciting. of course we needed material to do for these shows and I thought if we were going to come together to do that then why not also record the stuff for an album? each of us brought tunes and we worked them out first w/prac in a real old pad in a little town near bologna called palesio and then at the gigs themselves before going into a studio where the cats there were absolutely righteous. it was one of my favorite times recording ever, such a good time.   “the album for me represents us coming from different places and joining together to make a sound singular to the dynamic between us. we had no prior experience playing w/each other at all before the prac and the gigs so it’s an accurate document of us three interacting for the first time through music and I think we did it in such a way that all three of our individual personas come through and at the same time make for ourselves an identity of a band. I think we wanted the process to develop naturally and not foul it w/too much premeditation and expectations on where it “should” go… we in a sense “played the hand that was dealt” and gave it our best shot.





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