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Harley recently caught up with Motionless In White during the Welcome To Rockville Festival and had chance to interview frontman Chris Motionless, and guitarist Ricky Horror.

HHM: Who are your earliest musical influences? What bands, and which albums really inspired you guys?

Chris: I would say that one of the earlier ones would be a band called Eighteen Visions—that’s where our band name came from—“Motionless In White” is a song by that band. Definitely early on, the way that they looked, and the music that they played was huge for us. The Misfits are another really gigantic, influential band—I know for me at least.

Ricky: Yeah, Eighteen Visions was definitely a huge one, also Bleeding Through was a big one for our band, also, bands like Cradle Of Filth, HIM: stuff like that.

HHM: You guys started when you were still in high school correct? Did you ever expect to blow up and become so popular?

Chris: We didn’t really expect it, more so, just really, really wanted it. We pushed as hard as we could to get to the point where we are at today, and we keep climbing higher—it’s just a progressive thing—I guess you would call it a series of events that happened for our band over the last couple years.

HHM: The new album Infamous dropped back in November—absolutely love it by the way—jammed it on the flight here! How would you say this album differs from the past three?

Ricky: It’s different in every single way.

Chris: It doesn’t suck!

Ricky: We went in a completely different direction, just to try and break the mold of the normal, whatever music we are categorized in. All these different influences that we have in our music just kind of push the boundaries of what’s “acceptable” in the metal scene.


Infamous on iTunes

HHM: When I first heard “Hatefuck,” I got a very Marilyn Manson sort of feel. But with each track, I felt like it evolved into something else—so many different sounds—it definitely shows that your eclectic music tastes come through in your music.

Chris: Yes, I feel like our influences do have a direct impact on what we do as a band and some for different reasons, and some more than others. It’s just a matter of trying to explore all of the genres that we like and enjoy listening to. There is no reason that we should not try experimenting with ourselves—there is no “rule book” on what you can or cannot do in music and, you know, we certainly like to abuse that.

HHM: If you could put a “dream tour” together, with Motionless In White featured on the bill, what other bands would you choose?

Ricky: We’ve talked about this a lot actually. I can’t remember the big one we came up with, but it was bands like 18V, Bleeding Through, It Dies Today, HIM, Cradle Of Filth—just a lot.

Chris: If it were bands that are still around today—because some of those bands aren’t unfortunately—I would say as long as it was with Slipknot, Cradle Of Filth or HIM; that would be cool, I’d be happy with it.

HHM: What bands have you shared or are going to be sharing the stage with that you were/are just like “wow, this is really cool”?

Chris: We played at Soundwave in Australia this past year with Slipknot, Manson, System Of A Down—just some pretty huge bands that are awesome for us.

HHM: Where do you see Motionless In White going from here?

Chris: We are going to take over the fucking world! Plain and simple.

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Motionless In White is:

Chris Motionless – All Vocals
Ricky Horror – Guitar
Josh Balz – Keyboards
Ryan Sitkowski – Guitar
Devin “Ghost” Sola – Bass
Brandon Richter – Drums


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