My Iron Lung : Debut 7″ Grief review

By on September 3, 2012

 My Iron Lung’s debut EP Greif hits hard. The combination of pretty guitar parts and sad screaming really dig deep and make your heart throb. Whenever I listen to bands like M.I.L or Vowel the music sucks me in and everything that is being projected is felt. There are a lot of buildups and powerful moments in this EP. 

“Broken Homes” starts off calm with simple plucking and sliding of the guitar capturing an element of peace before everything comes in big. The vocals are strong and screamed well, also the soothing backup vocal really complement the screaming in the verses. When the song heads into a clean strum it has a heart felt Pianos Become The Teeth vibe combining hard yelling and calm guitar. “Clementine” has a lot of quick abrupt drop-offs that sound tight leading into tremolo guitar. The song ends on a melodic riff that rings out nicely leading into the next song. The ascending guitar in “Family Traits” is heart piercing and sad. The drums sound really big by going heavy on the crash, using interesting beats, and good work on the snare. In the song “Late Bloomers, Early Caskets” the guitar has some impressive tremolo parts bending into a catchy vocal melodies. All the instruments sound so powerful, near the middle the song everything gets heavier when the vocals are screamed deeper and the instruments are played harder. I really like the harmonized guitar outro because it was engaging and it kind of calmed everything down. “Here’s To The Collaborative Efforts Made By All Things Under The Sun” has a nice drum lead in that builds up into a post rock sounding riff that incorporates a lot of feedback and natural harmonics.
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Track Listings:
1. Broken Homes
2. Clementine
3. Family Traits
4. Late Bloomers, Early Caskets
5. Here’s To The Collaborative Efforts Made By All Things Under The Sun

RIYL: Caravels, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape