Neaera: Ours Is The Storm Review

By on February 20, 2013

Neaera - Ours Is the Storm

Release Date: March 5th
Metal Blade Records

Having shared the stage with such legends as In Flames, System of a Down, Heaven Shall Burn, and further growing a solid relationship with longtime label: Metal Blade Records; German Death Metal act Neaera are set to release their sixth studio album entitled Ours Is The Storm.

The album kicks off with a distorted & haunting melodic interlude in the track “The Deafening.” The album’s title track gets down to business with a thrashing rhythm, and some earth shaking death growls; the song mixes it up with technical leads and impressive high range screaming. “Decolonize The Mind” speeds it up with a killer melody and admirable drum work before the album’s fourth track “Through Treacherous Flames” opens with a heavy dropped down guitar slamming; no sooner does a catchy guitar lead take the reins of the song and sync up with the vocal onslaught of singer Benjamin Hilleke. Ours Is The Storm’s 5th track “Ascend to Chaos” blends brutality, melody, and aspects of Tech Metal quite admirably. “Walk With Fire” [a personal favorite] gets fast, and gets melodic with a near perfect Melodeath composition and some ripping solos. For the album’s next song “My Night Is Starless” [one of its more melodic tracks] the band slows it down for more emotionally driven instrumental moments coated with Hilleke’s near “demonic” vocal delivery. “Black Tomb” and “Between Us And Annihilation” continue the album’s Melodic/Brutal hybrid direction before its tenth track “Slaying The Wolf Within” explodes with an in-your-face synchronized Death Metal assault; the song makes use of some more “unique” clean vocals that lay a diverse musical contrast.

“Back To The Soul” thrashes the album to its closing track “Guardian of Ashes” an appropriate Death Metal end to this very Death Metal record. Ours Is The Storm is another solid release from Neaera that is sure to earn the praise of the Metal community. The album is balanced: in a manner making it appealing to both fans of the more intricate European Death Metal sound as well as the more brutal American Metalcore sound. The album drops February 5th in the states; be sure to preorder your copy today.


Review by Matt Crane – HHM