New band from Canada: Dieuponaday

By on December 6, 2013


New metal band coming out from Edmonton, Canada: Dieuponaday

Dieuponaday would be enjoyed by people who listen to Darkest Hour and Shadows Fall.

The band includes a softer side of metal for example the song “Enlightened” which sounds more like early metal from 2005 or 2006.

Band member Wade Tetz said they began as a recording project with Byron Matthews in May of 2011.

As for the other band members Billy Glen, Austin Hologroski and Vance Neihaus later joined in 2012 after they became serious in making something out with their music.

The band’s first stage show hit happened Feb 9 2013 opening for Built on Despondency leading them to open for other bands like Liferuiner and Being as an Ocean and even headlining 4 out of the 6 shows.

Dieuponadie feels positive in getting more publicity, shows on the road, and winning more fans.

“My main goal is to help and inspire people to stay positive and to always be self improving,” Tetz said.

Currently, the band members are preparing for new recordings.

For people interested in softer metal, check them out:
Also available on iTunes

Author: Thalia Avila

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