New E.P. from Northern Indie Rockers – SECTION 60 ‘welcome to the dream factory’

By on October 1, 2013


‘Welcome to the Dream Factory,’ is Section 60`s latest EP , a title conjured up from the mundane existence within the confines of factory work, a glimpse into the frustrated psyche that their sound and lyrics derive from.

The five piece hail from the North and don’t try to hide it, with their parkas, haircuts and general blustering presence that oozes the kind of northern laddish cool that some see as a stereotype, but others a way of life.

‘Dream Factory’ is most definitely an indie rock track with a stonking chorus, but with distinct eerie guitar licks thrown in to transform the song from the typical into something a little more sinister. ‘World Doesn’t Revolve Around You’ is a slower track with a stomping bass line and heavy choruses. ‘Stop the World’ offers a complete change of direction, an uncharacteristic soft, emotive ballad that changes the mood from the gritty northern drawl to a more sensitive approach. The difference is also seen in lead singer Chris Perkins vocal. His voice is naturally suited not only to the raw rockier tracks, but also in the expression of the gentle numbers. ‘The North will Rise Again’ twists the mood back to its tenacious originality with its swirling, psychedelic, guitar work. ‘A Way with Words’ again has the sublime guitar sound that gives ‘Section 60´ its distinct sound.

To look at ‘Section60’ you’d think they were a rough, self-assured indie band that writes tunes that are edgy, raw and straight from the inner city areas of our Northern Towns. To some extent they are, but they are so much more than that. The initial perception is that they would’ve slotted perfectly into the 90s boom of great bands from the North, but there’s still something current, unexplored and original about these lads that isn’t so obvious at first glance. It’s a great skill to be able to shift the mood from the psychedelic unknown, to captivating indie anthems, to emotive ballads, It gives the band an unpredictability and shows a skill that really lifts their the live shows.





Author: DaveHHM

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