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By on February 20, 2013


Listen:  “Unmacho” (Bandcamp)

When Demon Beat drummer, Jordan Hudkins, began writing songs of his own, he gave it the moniker Rozwell Kid. Drawing inspiration from the LA power-pop and 90s post-grunge he listened to growing up, Hudkins writes noisy odes to adolescence, mixing one part apathy and two parts sincerity.

Rozwell Kid released their sophomore effort, Unmacho this week. By the end of the album, you find Hudkins’ “Kid” has begun to take on a life of his own: he’s a sociable loner, a disillusioned partier, and a heartbroken fool, through and through. Hudkins bolsters his storytelling with music that bursts with restless energy, its foot firmly planted on the gas.
“Van Man” is the first single off of Unmacho. It’s a succinct headbanger with lyrics that mean nothing and everything at the same time. “I’m a van man, baby!” sounds like the battlecry of suburbia. But for a group of rockers from West Virginia (think band van), it is also a plan of escape. Crashes and kicks, lightning storm solos, and a millisecond pause to catch your breath: hold on. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

About Rozwell Kid:


Rozwell Kid is the rock’n’roll brainchild of Demon Beat drummer, Jordan Hudkins, who, with the help of his bandmates, creates music that honors the insouciant attitude of his LA post-grunge influences, without the sun-tanned decadence of some of his noise pop counterparts. Born and raised in West Virginia, Hudkins’ landlocked upbringing is reflected perfectly on his soon-to-be-released, “Unmacho,” which pairs music that bursts at the seams with restless energy and lyrics that grapple with the dark side of fun. 

While playing drums and touring with The Demon Beat, Hudkins began writing his own songs, and in 2011, he recorded and self-released “Rozwell Kid LP”. Drawing from a variety of musical influences, including 90’s punk, Weezer, and the Broadway musicals he listened to as a kid, Hudkins’ debut effort revels in its nostalgia, while showcasing Hudkins silly-in-all-seriousness writing style. In October of 2011, Hudkins hit the road with his newly assembled band, which includes Adam L. Meisterhans (also of Demon Beat) on lead guitar, Andrew LaCara on guitar and vox, Devin Donnelly on bass and vox, and Sean Hallock on drums. 

In July of 2012, the band began phase two of the Rozwell Kid saga, recording “Unmacho” with David Klug in Pittsburgh. The new record has a familiar sound with a new story, told over the course of ten songs that don’t let up for an instant. “Unmacho” will be available February 19th, 2013. 
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