Nightfall: Cassiopeia Review

By on January 12, 2013


Release Date: January 22
Metal Blade Records

Veteran Greek Death Metal outfit Nightfall is set to release their 9th full-length album: it is their second release with powerhouse label Metal Blade Records: entitled Cassiopeia.

The hypnotizing melody of “Phaethon” kicks off Cassiopeia before it explodes into a beautifully composed onslaught of death vocals, keys, destructive riffs, and finger tapping leads. The album’s next track “Oberon & Titania” displays a wicked rhythm: impressively synced with the growls of vocalist Efthimis Karadimas; a carefully crafted guitar solo ends the song with style. Darker undertones and a thrashing delivery take center stage in the album’s next track “Colonize Cultures” Accompanied by a tantalizing lead: this song is a brilliant performance of death metal at its best and is sure to be a fan favorite. The seducing melodic delivery of Cassiopeia’s 4th track “The Nightwatch” is brilliantly balanced with fast paced leads and guitar infused vocal breakdowns. The album’s next track “Stellar Parallax” is a perfect showcase of the melody driven composition so infamous of the Greek metal scene; one can’t help but be reminded of pioneer bands like Nightrage. For Cassiopeia’s 6th track “Hubris” a distorted intro sets the stage for some of the finest finger magic yet scene from Nightfall. “The Reptile Gods” shows a more experimental side of the band with the use of some distorted clean vocals. The album’s 8th track “Hyperion” is quite grandiose; it’s the best of both worlds for a death metal fan: a combination of the genre’s more Melodeath sound with that of its more “Viking Metal” sound.

“Akhenaton, the 9th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty” and “The Sand Reckoner” continue the album’s melodically brutal direction; leading into Cassiopeia’s closing track “Astropolis” an epic conclusion that slows it down for a softer moment before exploding into a finish that leaves off right where the album started: beautiful death metal. Cassiopeia drops January 22nd on Metal Blade Records, be sure to grab your copy; for fans of the genre, this album is a must have.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM