NJ band JOHNNY B. MORBID blends horror, comic books and punk

By on December 22, 2013


After several years of silence, horror band Johnny B. Morbid have released their sixth album, entitled Welcome to Die!. This album offers the unique blend of horror, metal and of course punk rock while still maintaining radio-friendly appeal. Each song is a melodic vignette – different yet familiar – one minute you’re in a pop punk song, and the next it’s black metal, but still all of it is seemingly strung together with the same thread.


“Forever,” a pop punk track nestled in the middle of the album, offers catchy melodies, but hits you with some incredibly dark lyrics. A story you can sing to, the track depicts the tale of a jilted lover broken from the painful chaotic actions of his significant other. In the song’s own words: “And it feels like forever, but life don’t last that long. And you cry, and you cry, and you still wonder why everything went wrong.”


The album’s title track, “Welcome to Die!,” plays off comic book nostalgia, and nods a head to Marvel’s X-Men franchise as sung in a straight forward punk song. “Population: 0” follows suit and delivers a similar comic book fanboy story, but weaves in and out of punk rock, power metal and even some death metal vocals. “Erebus,” a complete switch-up, is heavily black metal influenced and even starts off with blast beats in the genre’s true fashion. A break from a full band, lead singer Johnny B. Morbid is the only member on the track “Last Day Alive,” an acoustic power ballad about the apocalypse.


An album of for everyone, Welcome to Die!, can easily be the training wheels for those who’ve never delved into a certain genre before, or be just what a certain experienced listener needed to add to his or hers copious collection.


Welcome to Die! Is currently available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon and the band’s website at http://www.johnnybmorbid.com. To watch the music video for the song “Forever,” starring horror/cult icon Suzi Lorraine,



Johnny B. Morbid may perform live with several band members, but musician Carmen Ugaro is the mastermind behind the operation, founded in 2005. Ugaro is also the bassist for ex-Misfits frontman Michale Graves’ solo band, as well the drum tech for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Marky Ramone of The Ramones.


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