Obi Fernandez Streams New Song “The Color Of Your Voice” on; Posts Behind-The-Scenes Studio Video on

By on September 13, 2012

Obi Fernandez is streaming a new song called “The Color Of Your Voice” over on The jumpy, dancey song comes from his debut solo record, Confessions, Waves and The Garden State, which will be released on September 25 via Paper + Plastick Records. The album, originally slated for late August release, has been pushed back a month.

“The Color Of Your Voice” is the thread song Fernandez has released from his upcoming record. You can check out the other two tracks – “Pills” and “It Happens To Me” – on the preorder page for Confessions, Waves and The Garden State. The songs are streaming in a SoundCloud widget, so you can feel free to embed that widget on your sites when you post the new song.

Additionally, has presented a new behind-the-scenes, in-studio video from Obi’s time spent recording the new album. The video shows Obi tracking vocals, working with his producer and offers a neat look into the life of a recording musician. Please consider embedding the video along with the SoundCloud widget and linking to “The Color Of Your Voice” stream and preorder page

The album is currently being made available through Paper + Plastick Records in CD and digital formats. It will be shipped around the September 25 street date.

Obi Fernandez – Confessions, Waves and The Garden State
September 25, 2012
Paper + Plastick Records

1. It Happens To Me
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. The Color of Your Voice
4. Over
5. Pills
6. Get You Through
7. Check Your Time
8. Only A Fool
9. Ugly Comes Out
10. Overdue

More about Obi Fernandez:
After 10 years with Westbound Train, vocalist/trombonist/songwriter Obi Fernandez felt the need to try something new.  Confessions, Waves and the Garden State record is still dominated by his unique vocal delivery and love of classic reggae and soul music, but it experiments with a wider variety of grooves than Obi has ever attempted before. Among the new experiments are: Bill Withers-inspired ’70s soul (“Over”); modern soul-pop (“Ugly Comes Out”); up-tempo Motown (“Color of Your Voice”); heavy roots radics reggae (“Don’t Turn Away”); and classic rock-steady (“It Happens to Me”).
Writing and planning the record in New Jersey and recording it on the West Coast reveals a new side of Obi’s personal style. This arrangement allowed Obi the opportunity to play with musicians he’d never played or recorded with before, including members of The Expanders, The Aggrolites, The Lions, and more. Greg Teal and everyone at Hurley Studios provided a great working environment, Brian Dixon brought his recording/mixing talents and his vast ska/reggae knowledge, and drummer/producer Eric Novod teamed with Obi to arrange this “dream list” of musical styles that comprise the songs on the record. 
While it’s an introspective record with themes of love and life (on and off the road) running through it, Confessions is essentially a feel-good record. We hope the listeners will connect with the messages, but also fall in love with the classic-yet-modern hooks that run throughout. As personal as it gets, Confessions, Waves, and The Garden State is the perfect summer party record.
Obi is looking forward to putting a new, versatile band together that can make all of these tunes come alive. Songs always seem to take on a life of their own when a new live energy is captured.