Occultivating the masses tour Hits Riffhouse Pub, Chesapeake, VA

By on October 1, 2017

Photography and review by Robert Escue

On Wednesday September 27, 2017 the “Occultivating The Masses” tour
stopped in Chesapeake, Virginia’s RiffHouse Pub. The linuep included
California based technical death metal bands Arkaik, Alterbeast and
Inanimate Existence.

Inanimate Existence started the night off with a set comprising of
select songs from their August 25, 2017 effort “Underneath A Melting
Sky” including “Forever To Burn” as well as material from previous
albums. Response from the crowd was good as people listened intently to
the music.

Alterbeast played next and the crowd went nuts as the pit got going and
fans headbanged and screamed along with the band as they played songs
from their 2014 effort “Immortal” and teased with new material from
their upcoming release.

Continuing the intensity Arkaik wasted no time in keeping things at
fever pitch playing songs from their newly released album “Nemethia” as
well as older material.

For the people who managed to make it out for a Wednesday night show,
this was one of the best Hampton Roads has seen in some time.

Alterbeast Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ALTERBEASTofficial/

Arkaik Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArkaikBand/

Inanimate Existence Facebook page: