Oceans Ate Alaska “Into The Deep” Review

By on October 27, 2012

For all the fans in the Hardcore scene I would highly recommended picking up Ocean’s Are Alaska’s full length  Into The Deep. This progressive metalcore band has plenty of fast paced melodic riffs and heavy breakdowns that will satisfy any fan looking for the next hard hitting highlighted album. The vocals are impressive ranging from deep low growls to high screams, also the clean singing and yelling make every song memorable. 

“Hunting Season” starts off with quick pull off guitar riffs that lead into a short breakdown filled with dive bomb slides. The amount of passion in the clean verse hits hard with the raw clean vocals and pretty guitar. The variety in this song is provides a wide range of lower end growls to raspy yelling and pretty much everything in between. The melodic side of OAA really takes hold in “To Catch a Flame”. The ascending and descending guitar riffs are engaging as they weave around the upbeat breakdowns, until around 2:00min. when everything erupts in an epic jam session ending with a soaring lead. “Blue Lungs” has a calming clean intro that really adds to the depth and versatility to this band. The plucked guitar and hard singing/ yelling give off a sad melancholy vibe that builds up into heavier area of the song. The drum fills and intricate guitar parts flow together nicely as they move from a fast paced chaotic breakdown to a melodic breakdown with sick delayed harmonic. The triumphant beginning in “Clocks” is engaging, as the ascending leads pan from both guitars. When the chorus comes in the singing has good melody and transitions well into the heavier parts. When I listen to the breakdowns in this song, it makes me want to punch through a wall or fight a bear(not saying I’d win because bears are practically invincible).“Taming Lions(Acoustic)” is great sounding bonus track that has bright guitar riffs and talented singing. I really like the contrast from original song because it shows the listener another side of the song. To listen in here’s a link to their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oceansatealaska/app_178091127385

Track Listings:
1. The Deep
2. I, The Creator
3. Hunting Season
4. To Catch a Flame
5. X-ray Eyes
6. Blue Lungs
7. Taming Lions
8. Clocks
9. No Strings
10. Taming Lions (Acoustic)

RIYL: Invent, Animate, August Burns Red, Adestria 


Author: DaveHHM

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