Paper Tongues gives away free mp3 “AMEN”… here is 6 reasons why they are not with A&M OCTONE

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This album ROCKS. It is certainly a new direction, but one that will neither displease nor alienate their fan base” –I AM TUNED UP

Now they’re back, bigger than ever but without the weight of a major label holding them back. It’s all about the music, and with hooks like this who needs anything else? You best believe they’re bringing flaming nuggets of pop to your headphones, so when their EP Crowd Surfing hits next week you’ll be ready. Music today is all about virality, and in the case of “Amen,” you won’t be able to hold your tongue, paper or no”. – HEAR HEAR

Six Reasons Why We Are Not On A Major Label

By: Aswan North (Lead Vocals)

1. Major labels don’t sell records anymore. They sell singles, yet they are still offering record deals. It doesn’t make any sense.

2. Majors are not in the development business for rock bands anymore. We believe that the old-fashioned way of A&R is still very important for the development and success of a rock band. Some of the greatest bands that benefited by this style of A&R’ing achieved unbelievable success by their third or fourth album. Example: Kings of Leon, Phoenix, Muse, Wilco, U2, etc. Labels can’t afford to pay for that anymore so we have to do it on our own with the help of great management.

3. A&R staff turnover. Major labels fire their staff in the A&R department about every two years. The staff is always changing so it doesn’t give you enough time with a unified team to get a product out. Just when you are about to accomplish something at a label with your team you have to start over with strangers. This is still art, it is not just business. You need someone who believes in the art, and not someone who is working for a paycheck.

4. The attention span at a major label doesn’t really exist for one act until a kind of money comes from that act. It would be better for a band to be signed to an NBA basketball team where the organization spends a ton of money upfront, which gives the staff a huge incentive to give attention and tons of focus to the new development of the player, insuring great success in due time.

5. We believe that the major label roll in the band’s life has been replaced by management rolls, making it unnecessary to give away most of the business up front. It is actually more advantageous to hold on to the masters and copyrights to have longevity in the business.

6. Most importantly, we want to be part of a new era. We have a pioneer spirit about our band so we want to be a part of the development process and the new existence that rock bands are forced to live with in the music industry…which is really just a glorified excuse that allows us to really enjoy making and playing music.


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