Pentimento Announces Physical Release for Self-Titled Full-Length

By on March 3, 2013

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Buffalo, NY’s Pentimento will release its self-titled full-length record in physical formats on May 7, 2013. The record, which was released for free on the Internet by the band in November 2012, will get the vinyl treatment via Paper + Plastick Records and see a CD and cassette pressing via Black Numbers. Additionally, Coffeebreath & Heartache will release vinyl in the UK and Ice Grill$ will do CDs in Japan. 

The long-awaited physical release of the album comes following a massively positive response to Pentimento after its initial release. The album, which is still available for free download (all fans have to do is send an email to, was praised by critics and fans alike. The vinyl pressing via Paper + Plastick (link: is available in four different variants. The variants (clear gold for the sun, clear blue with white for the ocean and beige for the sand) play with the themes of the album’s artwork and lyricism. There is also an extremely limited black variant that comes with a hand-screened alternate album jacket.

“If Pentimento are part of the new school of punk, then there’s a lot to look forward.” –

Additionally, Pentimento is premiering today a high-quality live video of “Unless,” the album’s opener, being played at Mohawk Place in Buffalo. The video is brought to fans by Hate This Films with help from Quiet Country Audio.

Statement from the band:

We are excited to announce that Pentimento will finally be pressing our debut self-titled record to physical formats and distributing the release with the help of Paper +Plastick (vinyl US), Black Numbers (CD & cassette US), Coffee Breath & Heartache (vinyl EU/UK) and Ice Grill$ (CD Japan).


The flood of support we received following the announcement to give the record away for free in November was nothing short of moving to all four of us, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine a way to explain how grateful we are and always will be. We are ecstatic to be able to finally get the record out on physical formats, to see it finally come to life. Even now, I can’t be sure that I’m explaining myself in a way that will accurately represent what it means to a band like us to have the opportunity to be a part of punk rock, and to have so many incredible people surrounding us to reinforce exactly why we push ourselves to do what we do, despite the adversity. 


As it was in November, this record is our gift to show how much we appreciate every single individual who has anything to do with this band. We will never forget how lucky we are. Everything that has happened up to this point is will stay with each of us for the rest of our lives. The impact that you have had on us as individuals and as a band is immeasurable. You stuck with us, and that’s something we will never be able to thank you enough for. 


You are the sand beneath our waves.


We would like to personally thank Thomas & Vinnie at Paper + Plastick, Dave & Phil at Black Numbers, Tobi & Dave at CBHA, Mizuki at Ice Grill$, Lil’ Sneaks, Jason Parent & Hope This Helps, and of course our families & friends who give us a reason to wake up in the morning.


Much love.


-Mike, Jerry, Lance, Vinny/Pentimento


Pentimento – Pentimento
May 7, 2013
Finally available in physical formats

“If Pentimento are part of the new school of punk, then there’s a lot to look forward.” –


“If you made your top 10 lists for albums of the year already, you’ve got some changes to make … it’s a mosaic of graceful punk, with gliding riffs and an enormous exuberance. They really did get the blend just right. “Subtle Words” really punctuates how much this band has to offer: the variety, the finesse and an unbridled energy that’s perfectly churned out here. They have moved from strength to strength and as dynamic as they were before, they are considerably better. This album highlights the best of their qualities as a band that went from promising to delivering beyond expectations. Like I said, make sure your list has room in its Top 10. Pentimento just came pounding on your door.” –


“This self-titled album plays along with the greatest hits of a genre … There is a promising mixture of inspiration and innovation on this album.” – AlterThePress


“Pentimento’s self-titled is better than majority of the albums released this year and it’s definitely one of the best debut albums that have been released in awhile … If the band keeps doing things the way that they are doing them now, they should have a huge, well-deserved future ahead of them.” – PropertyOfZack


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