photos/review: Sevendust live at Center Stage by Gary Flinn

By on May 8, 2016
Sevendust live at Center Stage by Gary Flinn


At Center Stage in Atlanta

By: Gary Flinn

What could be better on a Friday night than playing your hometown to a sold out crowd.  That is exactly what Sevendust did this past Friday.  I had been waiting for the last four years for the chance to shoot Sevendust live.  I finally got my chance.  The lineup could not have made me any happier; Like a Storm, Trivium, and then of course, Sevendust on the current “Kill the Flaw” Tour.  Both Like a Storm and Trivium brought killer sets that got the packed Center Stage rocking.  As everyone readied for Sevendust, a large white curtain was raised in front of the stage.

Showtime!  The lights dropped and a bright green backlight lit up the curtain.  One by one the band came out to the stage.  Only their silhouettes visible to the crowd yet everyone knew who it was and roared their approval.  As Lajon strolled out and made motions at the screen as if he were trying to make a hole and come through, the band kicked into “Not Today”.  For a full half of the song, the band performed in silhouette behind the curtain, the crowd down front frantically trying to grab the curtain and raise it to get a view.  Then the curtain fell and it was on.  The crowd erupted and roared its approval.  The second song, appropriately enough was “Home”.  Many times throughout the set, Lajon spoke of his love of Atlanta and of Sevendust’s early days at various venues throughout the city, many of which no longer exist.  The band put every ounce of energy into the show and the crowd responded in kind.

As the night rolled on, Sevendust ground out hit after hit to the adoring throngs of fans that filled the sold out show.  Sometimes, due to the passage of time, you forget just how many “hit” songs a band that has been around as long as Sevendust has.  Then you come to a show and have that “oh yeah” moment, plus the inevitable “I wish they had played” moment as well.  This was a great night and I am very grateful to have been allowed to be a part of it.  The band made it obvious they have no plans on slowing down.  I have seen these guys play many shows from festivals to small, intimate settings, one thing remains the same; they always bring one hell of a show.  The energy coming from the band is infectious.  The crowd seemed to take it in, spin it up, and send it right back to them.  I guess you could say it was a musical feeding frenzy.  The more the band played, the more the fans wanted.  The feeling was amazing.  As the night came to an end, Sevendust expressed their gratitude to their hometown crowd with “Thank You” as the last song of their set.  What a great ending for a great night!

Sevendust are currently on the Kill the Flaw Tour with Trivium and Like as Storm with dates, as well as festival dates through mid-June.


Sevendust Center Stage Atlanta Setlist:

Not Today

  1. Home
  2. Face To Face
  3. Hero
  4. Ugly
  5. Denial (Acoustic)
  6. Disease
  7. Dead Set
  8. Angel’s Son
  9. Death Dance
  10. Waffle
  11. Enemy
  12. Shine
  13. Decay
  14. Faithless
  15. Thank You

review and photos by Gary Flinn HHM/Beyond The Pit photography 


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