Pilot! “Statues” ep Available on iTunes, Produced by Paul Leavitt , Soundcloud Preview

By on June 17, 2012
photo credit:Justin Henaghan

Pilot! from Virginia Beach, VA “Statues” ep Available on iTunes produced by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Studios

1. Constants and Variables
2. 120:12
3. Through Field and Flood

About Pilot!
Finding a genre to fit in these days is ACTUALLY a lot harder than you’d think. With labels out there like “Post-Hardcore” or “Alternative,” or even the dreaded “Emo” moniker, defining a band’s sound is pretty damn difficult. As a musician, it’s almost easier to pick a genre to be in, and then base your sound around that label instead. Well, the guys in ‘Pilot!’ decided to do things the hard way. They decided to write what they felt, and then label the product with the genre that fit them the most. “We’re a rock band, and that’s pretty much the only way we know how to label ourselves.”

Surprisingly, it’s fit them pretty well, too. With influences that range from Foo Fighters and Taking Back Sunday, all the way to the other end of the spectrum of more ambient, genre-evolving bands like Thrice and Deftones, they’re perfectly comfortable with the all-encompassing “rock” label. “There’s really not too many bands in this area that sound like us, and we like that,” states guitarist and second vocalist Bran Barlow-Spry. “Every band is either real heavy, or more towards the pop side of music. There doesn’t really seem to be a middle ground around here.”

However, being one of the area’s only “rock” acts hasn’t seemed to hinder the progress of this five peice from Virginia Beach, Virginia. “Honestly, if anything, it’s kind of played to our advantage. Instead of just playing either pop-punk shows or metalcore shows, we play with any band that we can and we’ve found some really appreciative fans out of those shows that we least expected it from.”

In Oct of 2011, the band headed up to Baltimore, Maryland to record their debut e.p., STATUES, with the acclaimed Paul Leavitt(All Time Low, Conditions, The Dangerous Summer) at Valencia Studios. At the end of the process, the band walked away with a product beyond even their expectations. “He really just understood our sound right away. We went in there with three songs that we thought would make for a great album, and we left just blown away with the tone and live energy that Paul was able to capture of ours. We’ve alway been able to pride ourselves on being a LIVE band, and to be able to hear the intensity that we try to bring to the stage every night, now recorded… I just don’t think we saw that coming.”

With STATUES now out and in the hands of such dedicated fans, nothing but high expectations have been placed for the band. Not to mention, with the high-energy stage show that they continue to bring night after night, they’re doing their best to set the bar even higher for themselves. “We typically all walk away from a show with a few bruises and what-not. If we leave the stage unscathed, I think we’re all under the impression that we could’ve played harder,” he concludes. “I say 2012… bring on the bruises!”

photo credit: Jonathan Keays

Pilot! is:
Thomas – Vocals / On-Stage Rambling
Bran – Vocals / Guitar / Monster Energy Connoisseur
Will – Drums / Life Lessons
Dan – Guitar / Sarcasm / Movie Quotes
Jason – Bass / Awkward Silence

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