Pilot! up for Syke’s Band of the Month

By on December 19, 2012

Our Roster band Pilot! is up for the band of the month competition for Syke Shows. Go vote for Pilot! and help them win a free photoshoot, an ad in syke magazine, a fold out 18×18 poster in the magazine, and much more.




More about Syke:

Syke’s fight is against the industry, NOT THE SMOKER. We fight for a SMOKEFREE SCENE because the tobacco industry is destroying the environment, our civil rights, our health, and our culture.


People in the alternative music scene are always fighting against injustices and corporate manipulation. Somehow, though, the tobacco industry’s manipulation and global damage has been overlooked. We’re here to change that. We believe that if people in the scene know more about the destructive practices of tobacco, they will help us support a smokefree scene.

We represent and support people who create great music and art. We like stuff that hasn’t fallen victim to corporate manipulation-things that are creative, things that haven’t been churned out by mainstream robots.

Syke hosts shows and events to promote a smokefree scene. We set the standard and are not manipulated by anyone or anything. Syke is at shows and on the street ready to inform anyone about the damages done to our world by tobacco.

When it comes to smoking, we believe in fully informed choice that is free from lies and deceit. By celebrating local music and educating people about the harm caused by the tobacco industry, we hope to shift the image of the scene from smoking to creative music and art that is smokefree.