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By on January 2, 2013

HHM: Any particular meaning behind the name “Post Trauma”? 
PT: It came from our grandfather, who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. ‘Post Trauma’ has a nicer ring to it as a band name.

HHM: How long have the four of you been playing music? 
PT: We’ve all been playing music since we could talk, but this group as is has been together for 3 years.

HHM: Visually, you guys are quite an intriguing ensemble, what brought all of you together? 
PT: We’re a band of brothers; biological brothers, brothers from another mother, half-brothers.

HHM: When asked, how do you best describe your sound? 
PT: “California Country” is what the fans have been calling it.

HHM: The video for “Get Up In The AM” is quite a production. How much fun was it shooting the video? 
PT: Beautiful girls, destroying alarm clocks, chickens & gorillas, Jagermeister, family… it was terrible.

HHM: Have you already put any thought into your next video? 
PT: We actually have a series of videos planned and in the process of filming out of sequence. The third video is done and will release in March. Filming for the second and fourth videos will be in January, releasing in February and April. It’s sort of an Aerosmith/Guns & Roses video trilogy thing. Except for we’re making 7 of them.

HHM:  Music seems to have become more of a life choice than just an outlet. How much has music consumed your life? 
PT: Its very much consumed almost every waking minute. ‘Sleepless, Dreamless,’ took over a year to record. The decisions weren’t very hard though when looked at individually. Go to a Concert vs. Play a Concert. Buy a Record vs. Make a Record. Sleep vs. Write Songs.

HHM: With that kind of dedication, what kind of sacrifices have you been forced to make? 
PT: We haven’t been “forced” to make any sacrifices. But our dedication has certainly led to financial, health, & social sacrifices that pay out in great dividends when we see a bar full of fans having the night of their lives.

HHM: You seem to have put your heart and soul into “Sleepless, Dreamless” What does it mean to you putting out the first half for the world to hear? 
PT: It was definitely a little nerve racking. A reasonable person can’t help but think for a moment, “I hope I didn’t waste my life’s savings and a year on this Earth.” The responses and reviews so far have been incredible though. Our fans have been really happy with it, and for that we thank them.

HHM: Are you anxious to release the second half already? 
PT: Absolutely. “Dreamless” is a bigger sound with longer, darker and heavier songs. It still maintains some twang and story telling like ‘Sleepless,’ but over all its more on the Rock side. We’re excited to perform those songs and to make those music videos. That full album has been complete and just simmering in our archives for months, patiently waiting to be heard. We know our fans are going to love it.

HHM: Being a Jagermeister Sponsored Artist, is the downside of a destroying your liver well worth the promotion you receive form them? Haha 

PT: *We massage our livers before every gig & wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve built up quite a tolerance for the world’s best herbal liquor and pay homage to Jager on our songs ‘Night Shift’ from Sleepless, and ‘Don’t Mess With my Heart’ to be released on ‘Dreamless.’ The Jagermeister Music Program has been a tremendous support and we can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for Post Trauma.

HHM: Have you already started working on new material? 
PT: New material is ALWAYS in the works.. in addition, each member is constantly exploring new sounds on their instruments, anxious to find that next inspiring melody.

HHM: What do you find yourself writing about mostly these days? 
PT: I’ve been writing in Spanish lately so you can expect more of that on the third full length.

HHM: Besides writing and putting out music, what does 2013 have in store for Post Trauma? 
PT: 2012 was consumed by studio recording. Before we start recording a third album, 2013 is going to be all about making music videos and playing concerts, hopefully on some kind of tour. After 2 years of non stop work, we’ll need a vacation. Billy plans to return to South America, Sean has a trip planned to Russia, and Joey and Kenny will be taking it easy in Europe.

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