Production Legend JOHN FRYER debuts newest project DarkDriveClinic live… album set for vinyl release 6/5!

By on May 15, 2012
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DarkDriveClinic Makes Live Noise
JOHN FRYER’s Newest Project Hits the Road
Noise In My HeadGets Vinyl Release
Kickstarter CampaignGoes Live

“The show will be loud and pretty to look at of course, as Rebecca [Coseboom] will be at the front of the stage,” says music legend JOHN FRYER about the inaugural tour with his new project DARKDRIVECLINIC. What would be considered big, arrogant words to some are actually truth when applied to Fryer. As producer, mixer and/or engineer to some of the most influential records of the past three decades by artists such as Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails, and Depeche Mode, his mark on recorded music has been stamped in indelible ink. But now, with this tour (his first ever), his musical mark will get aural with the ethereal and otherworldly vocals of Coseboom.
Supporting the recently released Metropolis album NOISE IN MY HEAD which SoundSphere Magazinehails as “a must-listen (four stars)” and Rock Edition calls “a grand synthesis of all that has come before in [Fryer’s] career, demonstrating his ability to craft dark, hooky post-industrial rock songs using a musical palette that ranges from discordant to dreamy”, DarkDriveClinic will be playing a handful of West Coast dates that kicks off on Sunday, June 10th in Santa Cruz, CA, heads north to Seattle, and returns to SoCal for a show at Hollywood’s Bar Sinister on June 16th (tour dates below).
The culmination of over two decades of creative incubation, written in between projects, the album finally saw the light of day. “The music for DDC has taken so long as it has always been secondary to making other peoples records,” he explains. “It’s something I always wanted to do but there was never enough time. I was in no rush to finish it until I felt like the songs were where I wanted them to be.” With the instrumental part of the album nearly complete, Fryer needed a voice… but not just any voice. He needed THE voice. “It had to be a voice that can be all things to all people all at once.” Interestingly, finding that voice wasn’t a lifelong search.
Cue in Rebecca Coseboom. Like what happens in the movies, coincidence and circumstance (or perhaps more accurately “fate” by way of Social Media) brought them together. “My wife Hannah had just gotten back in contact with her friend Kat who she hadn’t seen for about 13 years on Facebook and she was now living in San Francisco and told her of this band [Stripmall Architecture] that I should work with. Roughly around the same time, I had put up a post on FB looking for a singer, Rebecca’s husband Ryan saw the post, and suggested Rebecca should contact me about singing. The rest is history as they say.” Like hand in glove, she became the voice for which he was looking. “Rebecca’s voice fit perfectly to the sound of the music,” he says. “She can go from being a soft, fragile siren to a serial killer waiting to pounce in one song. It’s just what the music wanted and needed.”
“When I first contacted John, the songs had not been posted anywhere, so I contacted him only knowing of his vast body of work,” adds Coseboom. “When he sent me the album, I immediately connected to it because I grew up listening to the music that John had produced. I put my headphones on and there was this perfect distillation of all those sounds and all those moods into one crystalline record.” 

Atmospheric and textural, which has been one of Fryer’s main calling cards when he worked at famed Blackwing Studios in South London, Noise In My Head is a dense and complex work of art, combining sometimes dischordant instrumentals and corraling them into fascinating and oftimes contradictory exercises in excess and restraint. From the opening instrumental “Crawl” which recalls some of Dead Can Dance’s best aural tapestries, the album launches into a wholly new environment that weaves dark and ominious threads throughout the rhythmic soundscapes he creates. From the percussive “Mercury Head” to the aggressive “Still Contagious” to the almost angelic “Bite My Tongue”, Noise In My Head is a vast and expansive album that encompasses Fryer’s awe-inspiring oeuvre while proving that he has plenty of new tricks under his sleeve.
The vinyl version of Noise In My Head will be released on June 5, 2012 via Green Fuse Records. “It’s always great to see the artwork in its proper format and not shrunk down to the CD format,” Fryer says excitedly. “There is always something more friendly with vinyl. It feels like it’s going to be with you a long time… for life. Bands are like clubs you belong to and the vinyl is something you can have, hold and feel like you belong.”
Due to the mounting costs of touring and undertaking an ambitious project of bringing this album to the live setting, the band has taken to Kickstarter to help fund the tour. Fryer explains, “The Kickstarter campaign is to get some financial help from our fans to get us out on the road as it costs a pretty penny to get out there. In the old days, labels would put up tour support to help get bands on the road. Unfortunately these days, labels don’t always have the budget to do that.” Coseboom continues, “My other band, Stripmall Architecture, has had great success with Kickstarter and has been treated better by our fans than we were by any label. Kickstarter is a way for your fans to give you direct support and I love it.” With a very reasonable goal of $2,500, the campaign can be found here:
Noise In My Head was recently released digitally and on CD by Metropolis Records. DarkDriveClinic is Rebecca Coseboom (vocals) and John Fryer (music). Fryer has produced, engineered, mixed such groundbreaking and influential bands and records as Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Nine In Nails (Pretty Hate Machine), Love and Rockets, HIM (Razorblade Romance) among dozens of others. As one half of the legendary 4AD collaborative effort This Mortal Coil, his song “Song to the Siren” (as sung by Cocteau Twin’s Liz Fraser) was described by David Lynch as being high on his “list of all time most beautiful songs.”

DarkDriveClinic On Tour
June 10 Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz, CA)
June 12 High Drive(Seattle, WA)
June 13 Lovecraft(Portland, OR) **John Fryer DJ Set only**
June 14 Star Theater (Portland, OR)
June 15 Monarch (San Francisco, CA)
** a John Fryer DJ set follows at Cat Club after the show
June 16 Bar Sinister (Los Angeles, CA)


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