Announces Partnership with Quiet Country Audio; Launches Session with The Front Bottoms

By on October 2, 2012 has announced a partnership with Quiet Country Audio, a recording studio based in Alden, NY. Quiet Country, built and operated by Paul Besch, has made a name for itself by publishing live in-studio sessions with different artists. The first session released as part of this pairing is with The Front Bottoms.

“We launched a live in-studio session series in July 2012,” says Besch. “How it works is the studio is fully furnished with top of the line equipment so the artist just shows up and plugs in. This is about who these artists are on that exact day, at that exact moment in time, with the pressure of only one chance to get it right. Too often in this day and age, technology is used to remove the human element form music. QCA aims to showcase that human element.”

The studio, booked by After Dark Entertainment, is dedicated to bringing in the best and brightest new bands to expose them to new audiences. With a live and intimate element to the sessions, Quiet Country Audio offers a new take on the traditional studio session that has become popular recently. 

“We have been looking into creating a different studio feature experience for months, and we finally found that with Quiet Country Audio,” says owner Zack Zarrillo. “We love providing video content to our audience, which we have done for years with our Acoustic and Live Sessions, but we wanted the trifecta, and we’re stoked to have it. What separates QCA from many other great studio features is that alongside the great video experience, we will also be offering a free download of the recorded music the bands come in and record. And more than anything, the point of QCA is to show off great live bands, not mediocre-sounding popular acts. POZ and QCA want to provide the best for our audience, which is something we’ve prided ourself on for nearly three years now.”