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By on February 26, 2015
the order of things

All That Remains The Order Of Things

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Label: Razor & Tie

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On February 24th, All That Remains released their seventh full length album, The Order of Things.  Coming off the success of 2012’s A War You Cannot Win, All That Remains changed things up and went with producer Josh Wilbur [Lamb of God, Gojira]. The band recorded the majority of the album in Massachusetts and did finishing work on the vocals in Los Angeles.

The opening track, “This Probably Won’t End Well” leads with a piano intro that seems to be a perfect starting point for ATR’s latest offering.  Even if, as they say, things don’t end well, they damn sure started off well with this one.  This song has all the marks of what has worked so well for All That Remains over the years.  Kick ass riffs, powerful vocals and that sing-a-long live vibe that surely will find this on ATR’s live set lists for some time to come.

“No Knock” comes banging on the door with a full-fledged assault of ominous guitar riffs and thundering drums.  Speaking of drums, it seems they’ve turned them up to “11” on this album and “No Knock” is a bone-jarring example of it.  This grinder starts off heavy and stays heavy to the last note.  Hold on to your teeth in the pit with this one!

“Divide” is a bit more even tempered.  It has “radio rocker” written all over it.  In the vein of “Stand Up” and “The Last Time”, “Divide” has that blend of Pop/Rock feel that will likely see it crossing genres and pulling new listeners into ATR’s camp.

“The Greatest Generation” is plain and simply put and awesome song.  Being a huge history buff, I love what the “lest we forget” message of this track brings to the table.  I listened to this one on repeat 4 or 5 times the first time through.  Thank you ATR.

“For You” is the “balladesque” track for this album.  Not exactly a ballad, but not edgy or heavy, I guess I’d call it a “tweener”.

“A Reason for Me to Fight” is a classic ATR sounding track.  Heavy at times, melodic at times, and strong vocals throughout, this is one of those tracks that wasn’t what I was expecting from the name.  Quite honestly, I was expecting more of a “No Knock” type vibe.

“Victory Lap” is another classic ATR track.  It has all the qualities that have worked so well in the past.  I figure this to be another single that will do well in radio play down the road.  This song has a great chorus.

Unlike its title, “Pernicious” is neither gradual, nor subtle.  It does swing from soft melodic vocals, to guttural growling though.  One definite point of note is Jeanne Sagan’s vocals at the 2:08 mark.  This was an unexpected surprise and added a new dimension to the overall feel of this track.

“Bite My Tongue” is a fast paced stand-out that features a duet with Labonte and Sagan, killer guitars, and a driving beat that will surely be a fan favorite from The Order of Things.  As I said about “Pernicious”, Sagan’s vocals add a whole new dimension to what ATR can bring to their fans.  I think they’ve found a new secret weapon.

“Fiat Empire” has a slower tempo and a softer overall feel.  I wasn’t crazy about this one at first, but it has its moments.

While ATR are a far, far cry from a “Kvlt” band and “True-Kvlt-Metal” is far from a “Black Metal” song, it is edgy and a bit of a change-up from anything else on this album.  Not that it is entirely different, but there are qualities at times that just feel a bit outside ATR’s “normal”.

“Criticism and Self Realization” is the track on this album that I keep going back to.  It closes out the album and to me is one of my favorites. It has everything I want to hear from All That Remains.  From the acoustic intro to the piano outro, “Criticism and Self Realization” is the perfect exclamation point on this album.

Overall, All That Remains have put together a solid album that will have its share of hits and fan favorites.  Of course, like anything else out there, there will be detractors who will decry what The Order of Things is not, but these days it seems that if “people” aren’t complaining or bashing you, you are doing something wrong.  In my opinion, ATR got far more right than wrong here and I can’t wait to see them on stage in support of this album.


Review by: Gary Flinn HHM / Beyond The Pit Photography


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