Rescuer With Time Comes the Comfort review

By on January 28, 2013

I am very excited that Rise Records has been expanding their genres into the melodic hardcore scene. When I had the chance to listen to Rescuers newest release With Time Comes The Comfort I was blown away with how good each song was. Rise being known for signing bands like American Me, Attack Attack, and Miss May I I was expecting heavy vocals with high singing and generic breakdowns, but man oh man was I wrong. Rescuer is a perfect blend of melodic hardcore and technical leading riffs that aren’t to overwhelming . The songs are a little short for most views but well worth listening to over and over again. The guitar work in each song is solid every riff has an uplifting sound that heightens as the songs progresses. The vocals are gritty and true reminding me of bands like More Than Life and Killing the Dream where the vocals that don’t let up.

“Birds of Prey” has an aggressive beginning with ascending and descending power chords that pick up speed when the second guitar starts tremolo picking in. As the song slows down into a calm transcending sliding lead it quickly picks back up with harmonized guitars parts that get thrown back and forth.In the song ” Faded Youth” there’s a feeling of absolute perseverance when the vocals become exhausted and turn into a sing yell. The guitars are fast and intense with harmonized melodies that hit hard. Every transition moves into a newer interesting part ranging from rung out guitar chords to quick melodic bends.“Untitled” has plenty of bends and quick upbeat riffs that falling into melodic plucked riffs. In each chord progression the guitars are always playing something different and original making me personally wish they played in California instead of Florida.

Track Listings:

1. Breathe
2. Birds of Prey
3. Shame
4. Fell
5. Settled Ground
6. Faded Youth
7. Untitled
8. Bring Me Back
9. Too Far Gone
10. Locked Inside
11. Tides
12. Dead Ends

RIYL: More Than Life, Apart, This Is Hell