Restorations: A/B review

By on June 14, 2012

Nothing says “leave me alone on my criminally short break annoying coworker,” like turning up the volume on Restoration’s 7” A/B. There’s enough feedback and delay in these two tracks to drown out even the most nonsensical chatty Cathy you’ll be forced to deal with. For only two songs A/B produces a large sound with a lasting effect.
“A”: This is a well written rock song, simple as that. Loudon’s gruff vocals roar over a flurry of chords and a controlled explosion of a rhythm section. Brief moments of quick noodling break up all the noise allowing you to catch your breath for a second. Clocking in at four minutes – I can see this ending up on a few rock stations here and there.
“B”: This is the type of six minute track that goes through movements of sorts. A minute long intro built upon a fuzzy lead guitar and a swelling beat, followed by a couple of aggressively delivered verses, and kept going by a patient build up of “woahs” that eventually lead into some of the best instrumentals (especially guitar-wise) on this 7”.
If you’ve got 10 minutes you should give Restorations a listen. The only thing you may be disappointed in is the fact that it’s only two tracks. Luckily for you they’ve got a few more albums to fall back on, just in case you weren’t satisfied with these songs alone. You can listen to A/B here:
RIYL: War On Drugs, Constantines, Lucero
Track Listing:
1. A
2. B