Review: Greeley Estates – Devil Son EP

By on April 10, 2013

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Label: Independent

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Following the release of 2012’s The Narrow Road, Greeley Estates have completed their duology of EPs with the release of Devil Son. In sharp musical contrast to the explosive Metal sound of The Narrow Road, the band has created something more conceptually abstract, experimental, and post-hardcore in nature with Devil Son. “If you thought we were going to release the same record twice, you don’t know Greeley” said the band prior to the EP’s release, and believe me; they were not kidding.

The directional change in sound becomes apparent as the EP opens with the track “Cut Me Out” a slow, haunting interlude of entranced vocals—outbursts of emotional aggression ensue throughout the song via a blend of screamed and clean vocals. “Devil Son” the EP’s transitional title track is a testament to the diversity of sound—one of the slowest songs to be heard from Greeley in a very long time: creepy undertones and heavy percussion drive this dark acoustic number to the EP’s next track “Marionette” where distorted leads speed up the tone—the song’s transition between a softer verse and a more explosive, screamed chorus will be heard with much delight by fans of Greeley’s earlier post-hardcore sound. Songs like “Porcelain” and “Turn The Night Away” (a personal favorite) hit a similar note, but that being so, this EP isn’t necessarily a Greeley throwback—the previous three tracks are sonically nostalgic of older works sure, but still decorated in the unique conceptual theme of this release: a more emotionally “raw” and haunting ambiance if you will.

The more experimental track “The Killing Fields” further diversifies the sound, especially when compared with “The World You Used To Know” the EP’s hard hitter: containing a tasteful dose of metal with a heavy composition. Devil Son is the perfect contrast to The Narrow Road, delivering a completely different side of Greeley Estates—it’s literally the “other world” in a best of both worlds scenario for the band. Definitely a must listen; you can grab your copy of the EP on iTunes today, and be sure to check out the video for “Marionette” below.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM