Review of Kai Exos Debut Album ‘Telegraph’

By on June 19, 2014


Telegraph by Kai Exos

Telegraph by Kai Exos


Men! You must download Kai Exos’ debut album for that next romantic dinner date. Ladies will recognize you as charming, sensitive, and sophisticated upon hearing Telegraph as the evening’s soundtrack.

Toronto’s Kai Exos independently released his debut album, Telegraph, on June 10th. The first single, “Vigilante”, was a collaboration with Canadian musicians and producers who had worked on Ziggy Marley’s, Dragonfly.

Playing the whole album juxtaposes soothing sounds with invigorating lyrics that make you ponder the artist’s creative process. Kai’s soulful voice oozes liquid sensuality that resonates with his genuine emotions. He admits that, “Sometimes I forget that I’ll have to actually sing the songs I’m writing.” Such is the lyrical honesty of Kai Exos.

From the opening single, “Vigilante”, to the bonus track, “Gold”, Kai Exos brilliantly blends raw feelings with soul over sparse melodies. Exos has been compared to Bruno Mars, and he demonstrates that with his gospel-inspired, jazz-infused singing tinged with modern touches like the AutoTune used on “Strawberry”. Exos’ voice is the focal instrument, which is as it should be due to the caliber of his pipes. Singing and writing since he was a young child, Kai Exos exudes soul and musical experience that has  also been cultivated through years of Southern Baptist gospel and classical piano training.

Kai stays in the mellow groove throughout the entire album, with “Telegraph” and “Morning Song” standing out with somewhat faster tempos than the rest of the tracks. Kai Exos’ inspiration for the song, “Telegraph”, was a friend who “couldn’t seem to reconcile himself”. The friend’s troubles and incarceration induced Exos to write the song which he describes as “an open letter on complacency”.  At the record’s close when Kai Exos croons, ‘My days were better, better by you’, over the background piano on “Gold”, the visualization of a slow, sultry dance between lovers quickly comes to mind.

Telegraph displays Kai Exos’ talents which he has taken on the road this spring to far-flung places like Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Ireland. He returns to Canada for the closing weekend of NXNE and a free show in the heart of Toronto at Yonge Dundas Square on Saturday, June 21st


Kai Exos, "Vigilante"

Kai Exos, “Vigilante”

@KaiExos for Kai Exos “Vigilante” video in tribute to his mother.

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