Review: Ramsey – You’ve Got A Lot Of Heart, Kid EP

By on April 15, 2013

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Label: SwitchBitch Records

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[xrr rating=7/10]

Boston alternative/punk rockers Ramsey set the tone early in their debut EP You’ve Got A Lot Of Heart, Kid opening with the track “A One-Way To Anywhere” (a personal favorite). Heavy distortion and a quick rhythm compel a sense of urgency: driving the song to an explosively emotional chorus—a very similar vibe to Rise Against but with a post-hardcore spin on it. The EP slumps at its second track “Legacy” not bad instrumentally, but the vocals are a bit flat—it’s a lackluster contrast following the connecting vocals of the opener.

The band shows off a more mellow, pop-punk side with the song “Versus” (also incorporating some pretty blunt lyrics) before getting aggressive in the EP’s high-octane title track: a definite standout—killer riffs, raspy vocals, and emotive shouts make for a great composition here. Closing with an acoustic rendition of “A One-Way To Anywhere” is a nice touch for the EP, not just for filler; the attempt is actually effective at portraying the song in a new light—sonically delicate, touching and dense. Aside from the “Legacy” vocals, my only real issue with the EP is the song “Street Lights” which I just found to be forgettable, that being said; there is some room for improvement but this is a solid debut—definitely looking forward to hearing what’s next from these guys. You can grab your copy of You’ve Got A Lot Of Heart, Kid on iTunes today, and be sure to check out the lyric video for “A One-Way To Anywhere” below.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM