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By on February 14, 2012
Seven Thorns
Return to the Past
Nightmare Records
14 January 2011
Seven Thorns – Return to the Past
Seven Thorns is power metal in purest style, catchy melodies, fast guitars and blasting drums are the key components on Return to the Past.
Deadend In Venice
See You On The Ground
17 June 2011
Melodic Death Metal with the beauty of a clear female voice. A short three song demo was recorded at the end of the same year and first local club-gigs followed. The band shared the stage with names like Tristania, Finntroll and Tanzwut…
Voodoo Highway
Broken Uncle’s Inn
Voodoo Highway/Rock N Growl
24 June 2011
Outrageous Hard Rock of Exquisite Quality – A hot fist of rock n’ roll straight up into your ass! “The New Movement of Heavy Metal has Arrived! This Band is the Next Deep Purple!!” (Craig Gruber, formerly ELF, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore)…
Somewhere In America
ATOM Records
30 September 2011
:: AOR / POP ROCK :: Enjoy this unhip, uncool and un-sexy music! Rock, Pop and Indie with a big dose of AOR, big guitars and big vocals, destined for US Airplay! Quotes “The whole CD sounds very strong and in the end the band took me by surprise with this great CD release that is highly recommended to any fan of female fronted AOR/Poprock!”- STRUTTER’ZINE “Rock, Pop and Indie with a big dose of AOR, big guitars and big vocals, destined for US Airplay. A…
Lord Volture
Never Cry Wolf
Lord Volture
11 November 2011
::: HEAVY/POWER METAL ::: LORD VOLTURE’s sound and style is said to resemble US POWER METAL masters JAG PANZER, ICED EARTH, CAGE and VICIOUS RUMORS. With the release of the band’s second full-length NEVER CRY WOLF in 2011 LORD VOLTURE progresses to the next level without abandoning their traditional sound nor the uncompromising energy that characterizes the debut album. Containing 11 upbeat thrash tracks, grandiloquent epics as well as catchy rockers the new album…
Rob Mancini
Rock’N’Roll Circus
GMG Records
11 November 2011

After almost a decade of recording abstinence, touring the Irish Club scene ,Irelands’ German-Italian born rock musician and producer, Rob Mancini is back on track with the smash hit, “Edge of a broken heart” and the powerful ballad “Every time you Cry” from his album “Rock’n’Roll Circus”. Rob played extensively on the international rock circuit in the mid 90’s with &a…

Call Of The Senses
1 January 2012
::: AOR PROG MELODIC ROCK ::: Myon’s new single and video “Call Of The Senses”! Myon brings the danger and adrenaline back in to rock, with their new single and video “Call Of The Senses”. “Call Of The Senses” Single and Video, will be released digitally 01.01.2012 The new single “Call Of The Senses” Proves once again, that Myon is taking music to the new direction and brings rock back to the…
The MFC Dragon Slayer All Star Project
Let’s Unite In Rock
Metal For Cancer
28 December 2011
::: HEAVY METAL ::: LET’S UNITE IN ROCK was written by HENRIK FLYMAN (Evil Masquerade) to the benefit of METAL FOR CANCER. Please go to and buy a copy of the song. It’s for a very good cause and all income is donated to the AUSTRALIAN CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION. Metal For Cancer is an idea put together by Richard Ofsoski where carefully selected quality Heavy Metal and hard rock artists contribute music for digital download to help raise funds for t…
Black Out Sunday
Chainfist/Rock N Growl
15 October 2010
::: GROOVE METAL ::: CHAINFIST’s music sends out tentacles in various directions, which is precisely what makes this band a solid live experience. CHAINFIST has been compared with many great Danish as well as international bands, giving a professional show, a frantic and charismatic stage performance. In 2010 CHAINFIST went into the studio to record their debut CD, a different interpretation of how to blend the harsh elements that you get from Metallica, Megadeth or Pantera, inte…
Cold Rush
Disclosing The Vicious Seeds
Rock N Growl
17 March 2012
::: ELECTRO INDUSTRIAL METAL ::: English After 2 years of waiting, the German ELECTRO METAL BAND “COLD RUSH” will release their new digital Maxi CD “Disclosing the vicious seeds” on Saturday, March 17st. With their new Singer MATTHIAS KUPKA (EMERGENCY GATE), COLD RUSH will be more harder, more melodic and catchy. The new full track Album „AmoKKoma“ will come soon……….you may be curious ! German Nach zwei Jahren des Warten…

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