Rose McGowan surprises the music and art world with a stunning video for her ‘RM486’ single

By on September 22, 2015
rose mcgowan

Rose McGowan has surprised the music and art world with a stunning video for her single, “RM486”. McGowan collaborated with the Paris electro-band Punishment on the track, which will be available for purchase at iTunes and other digital platforms. The music video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, was styled by the incomparable fashion activist B. Åkerlund, with prosthetics/makeup by the acclaimed artist, Sammy Mourabit, hair by the wonderful Kim Kimble.


McGowan had this to say about the video, “I am a version of all five characters in the video. All are pieces that make up my whole – as an artist, a public figure and most importantly, as a person. I am pushing back at the idea of who I am suppose to be, to embrace who I want to be. Changing the idea of what beauty is and exposing people to art in a real way is what I want to do. There is true power in art and true power in we who believe in it. I hope you will join me on this journey of promoting art, pushing boundaries and never being afraid to be who you are.” See below for a more in depth explanation and visit


From B. Ackerlund, “Working with Rose on this project was creatively a dream, she let us take her through all her emotions and manifest them through fashion. For me fashion is art and art is fashion and by creating this video we created a character for each look that lived on to tell its own story,” says B. Åkerlund, Founder of WHOYOUARE. “The concept behind creating these artist collaborations is to enhance emerging fashion and let it speak through music without any limitations allowing the artist to speak honestly about who they really are. We are excited for the video to launch on WHOYOUARE and for the site to continue to be a platform to debut cutting edge talent.”





All five characters in the video are versions of me. All are pieces that make up my whole- an artist, a public figure, and most importantly, as a person. I’m pushing back at the idea of what I am supposed to be, I want to expose people to art in a real way, and I want to change the idea of what beauty is. There is true power in art and true power in we who believe in it.


The characters are all me and I am all of the characters. Here is a breakdown in order of appearance.



Where I’m from and how I have always felt. I want to communicate in the purest form and she is pure.



Challenging the preconceived notion of what beauty is. Representative of the media perceived “goth” period of my life. She’s challenging you to not look away.



The most agitated. The most over the top. Note the mouth taped over my own mouth. This is my “Hollywood” chapter. The agitated glamor of it all. I find her to be the most harrowing.



The needles I wear represent my armor and shield.



My knives are out. I have a mission and it is fierce.



The most powerful is also the rawest. I want people to feel, the way to start that is by transmitting emotion. Feel, just feel.


So this is me. Speaking to the world in my own words, for the very first time.

Like the song’s chorus says, “we’re only here to paint colors on the sun, only here to see the fires run.”


I hope you’ll join me on my journey of promoting art and pushing boundaries.





WHOYOUARE is a collective movement, both digital ( and physical (The Residency at WHOYOUARE), of creatives who seek to nurture and support collaborations with the fashion and entertainment industry’s most visionary talent and inspiring influencers of our time. The digital interface and the physical residency (based in Los Angeles), not only supports those hard-to-find talents across the globe but also acts as a platform in which to showcase those talents on an international scale. B. Åkerlund, a creative herself, set out to solve the problem of the time consuming task of finding undiscovered talents to give these creatives, a place to be discovered, connect, work and be who they are from anywhere in the world. By developing the online network and database, industry professionals can find those elusive talents with the touch of a button or they can visit The Residency at WHOYOUARE to experience the most sought after items B. Åkerlund has found to date.


A selection of the video’s one-of-a-kind pieces worn by McGowan and styled by B. Åkerlund are available within the Boutique at The Residency at WHOYOUARE at, the website’s marketplace where featured designers are able to sell their pieces directly to consumers. Resident designer Rentz has also teamed up with WHOYOUARE and Rose McGowan on a capsule collection of five limited edition t-shirts and artworks signed and numbered by McGowan. This collaboration was inspired by the looks of Rose McGowan and are also available for sale at the online shop.


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