Sam Phillips releasing “Solid State” to general public

By on May 3, 2011

Los Angeles, CA – This June 7, songwriter/singer Sam Phillips will be
issuing the first physical release from her Long Play project
(, “Solid State.” Solid State will be a sampling of
material written and recorded for Long Play between August 2009 – February
2011. It draws from each of the five EPs as well as from the full length
digital-only releases made available through this program. Sam’s intention
is to make this repertoire readily accessible to music lovers who weren’t
comfortable with digital-only releases, using the electronic payment
service involved or were unable to commit to subscription to Long Play. If
you’d like to cover via feature or CD review please let me know.

Phillips opened the virtual doors to Long Play, a unique and ambitious
web-based art and music installation featuring new music, short films,
original essays, candid footage of her at work in the studio, photographs
by and of her and other exclusive material in October 2009. Over the next
year, she wrote, recorded and released five EPs: Hypnotists in Paris, the
Christmas collection Cold Dark Night, Magic For Everyone, Old Tin Pan, and
finally Days of the One Night Stands. She completed the series in early
2011 with the full-length release, Cameras In The Sky. All this music was
released to Long Play subscribers as part of their subscription benefits,
all exclusives excepting Magic For Everyone, which was offered to the
general public via digital retailers.

All these songs on Solid State were produced by Sam Phillips, recorded and
mixed by Eric Gorfain at Littlebox Studio during the Long Play, August
2009-February 2011. Personnel comprised: Sam Phillips – vocals, acoustic
and electric guitars, piano, percussion,; Jay Bellerose – drums and
percussion; Jennifer Condos – bass; Eric Gorfain – violin, electric
violin, electric guitars, baritone guitar, string arrangements; Greg Leisz
– 12-string electric guitar on “Magic For Everybody”, electric guitar on
“Lever Pulled Down”; Chris Bruce – electric guitars on “Throw Yourself
Away”; Richard Dodd – cello on “So Glad You’re Here”;; The Section Quartet
– strings on “Broken Circle”, “What It All Means” (Eric Gorfain, violin;
Daphne Chen, violin; Lauren Chipman, viola; Richard Dodd, cello. The song
“When I’m a Camera” was mixed by Mike Piersante at Electromagnetic Studio.
All of the songs included on Solid State have been re-mastered since their
initial release to members of the Long Play community; “Magic for
Everybody” and “So Glad You’re Here” have also been remixed. (Howard:
This deletion is up for debate…Sam doesn’t want to compel LP’ers to buy SS
because of two remixes…what say you?)

These recordings were intended as opportunities for experimentation,
searching for fresh inspiration and taking risks and having “selfish fun.”
They were a chance to explore artistic possibilities that wouldn’t have
been supported by music industry framework conventions of “album cycle”
marketing and promotion. “There is no record company involved — this is
just between us,” says Sam. Since they were digital releases Phillips was
able to continue crafting them right to the point of release.

“Before the music business locks down a standardized new system of making
and distributing records, digitally or otherwise, it seemed like a perfect
time to do something intensely personal and experimental,” Sam declares.

Since releasing Cameras In the Sky, Phillips and many of the same
musicians who worked with her on the Long Play project have continued
working, and are making considerable progress on yet another full length
album, this intended for a more traditional release to the general public
in 2012. In the meanwhile the Long Play ( remains open
and is still accepting members who’ll still have full access to all the
material from the five EPs, the one full length album and a generous
helping of bonus tracks: 43 tracks in all.


Author: DaveHHM

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