Sammy Hagar and Sublime with Rome Carb Day 2014 (May 23, 2014) at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Concert Review of Sammy Hagar and Sublime with Rome Carb Day 2014 (May 23, 2014) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

To the uninitiated, Carb Day (Carburetion Day) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an amalgamation of serious racing aficionados from around the world and local fun-loving, beer-drinking partiers. Can you guess which category I fall smack into most unapologetically?

I’m from Indianapolis, what more can I say? After touring pit road and the garage area on mission to meet Mario Andretti, I trekked, seemingly miles away to the stage. Once past the Midway and endless parking lots, the outdoor venue filled with pleasantly (and some not-so-pleasantly) inebriated concert goers. Weather conditions were ideal, meaning there was a fair share of half-naked going on in the crowd. Titties and beer much?

On a more serious note, Sammy Hagar, the Wabos, and Sublime with Rome greeted wounded warriors backstage that attended the concert as ambassadors through the Wish 4 Our Heroes organization. Hagar, the energetic Red Rocker, made time to thank the service members before the start of the pre-Memorial Day concert.

The good times started rolling and Sublime with Rome rocked the Coors Light concert stage in the Turn 4 infield. The California group fronted by singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez entertained the crowd with Sublime hits like “What I Got”, “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, and “Seed”. Sublime with Rome’s genre-blending music kept the crowd on their feet dancing till they finished with “Santeria”.

Sammy Hagar and the Wabos began the party with Hagar’s biggest solo hit, “I Can’t Drive 55”. The Speedway crowd roared their approval of that highly appropriate song. Hagar continued the 12-song set by playing his solo hits, Montrose covers, and four Van Halen covers. The 66 year old Hagar bounced and spun around the stage like a rocker half his age. Sammy, an accommodating fan favorite, signed t-shirts and license plates onstage while the Wabos showcased their talents with guitar, drum, and bass solos.

Hagar kept the party going right up to the end finishing with “Heavy Metal” and “Mas Tequila”. Streamers flew into the sun-drenched audience as they jumped and clapped after Sammy and the Wabos took a bow then walked off stage. Whistles, shouts, and applause drew the band back to play Sammy’s first single as a solo artist, “Marching to Mars”. After that encore, the fans left the speedway for the long march back to their vehicles, having been rocked in more than one way by Sammy Hagar.

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