Scarlett Rabe releases inspirational lyric video ‘Battle Cry’

By on March 11, 2014
Scarlett Rabe

Scarlett Rabe, the classically trained prodigy turned soulful singer/songwriter, unveils the new lyric video for “Battle Cry,” the new single off her EP Scarlett. “Battle Cry” will be made available in her online store. Scarlett, who was forbidden as a child from participating in pop culture, now has over one million fans on her Facebook page. She has recently won comparisons to Feist and Florence and the Machine, thanks in large part to what Marie Claire magazine describes as her “haunting riffs and empowering words.” You can watch the lyric video via POP CRUSH now.


The lyrics for “Battle Cry” carry with them a strong sense of female empowerment. Scarlett recently told Marie Claire that this is intentional: “Some of the inspiration comes from females who are actually powerful and have achieved great things, but truthfully, a lot of it comes from a place of seeing the need for that kind of strength. For females, it is unfortunate that in so many ways we have to fight harder and stand stronger. It takes strength and requires a fight. This is our battle cry.”

Scarlett confirms that in battle, there are often aches: “Artists ache,” she adds. “It’s a requirement. It’s what inspires the art in the first place.” Many of Scarlett’s aches stem from her emotionally isolated upbringing that left her longing for a connection, the kind that is now achieved through her music. According to a recent interview with, Scarlett was so pressured to live up to her parents’ unrealistic expectations that she wished she could “cut this part of my heart out and take it away.”

Contrary to what one might expect from someone with her pop sensibilities, Scarlett did not experience as a child the popular culture that most young people do. Her parents prohibited television and radio. At the same time, they adamantly preached the classical arts. This included five hours each day that were dedicated to piano practice – a tedious routine that honed her musical craft. The result was that her early exposure to pop and rock music came from secretly listening to the radio, forbidden as it was. Scarlett explains: “I’d lay awake at night in my bed writing my secret songs. I’d silently sing about a girl who was suffocating, who wasn’t really alive. The music saved me, pushed me, made me free.”

Scarlett soon developed a love for the artists who would influence her musical style, from singer-songwriters like Carole King to empowering performers such as Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. Stirred by these artists and the sudden realization that “I couldn’t live somebody else’s idea of what my life was going to be,” Scarlett left her native Arizona for Los Angeles. With lyrics that reference Joan of Arc and Amelia Earheart, “Battle Cry” is the rousing culmination of Scarlett’s journey, her influences, and her willingness to face her fears.
The track listing of Scarlett is:

1. “Live Before I Die”
2. “Battle Cry”
3. “Free Fall”
4. “Hitchhiker Heart”
5. “Top Down, Baby”
6. “Unconditional”
7. “Fight For This”

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