Second To Last: Vessels EP review

By on May 25, 2012

No intro for this one so here we go: “Feels The Same” starts things off with power chords and thumping, fairly simple drums before breaking into a catchier chorus than I assumed would follow. This track has the simplest instrumentation on the album but it’s clear this band doesn’t need extravagant solos to make a lasting EP.
“Turmoil” demonstrates one of the band’s main strengths: melodic dual vocals. The bass is more present than normal for the genre (and for good reason – it’s a powerful bass line) and the guitars are a little cleaner in this track. Another power chord laden track follows with “Cheap Sleep”. I’m not sure why I’m harping on power chords so much today since these guys use them well without falling into the trap of writing repetitive tunes. Either way, it’s the weakest chorus of the bunch, but lyrically this track is still the strongest.  
The final track “Dry Spell” is the best of the bunch. They packed every good element from the first three songs into one and have gained at least one fan because of it. Overlapping dual vocals in the bridge add depth, the instrumentation all around is stepped up, and the final notes make the repeat button look irresistible. This young group doesn’t need an introduction from me. Their music speaks loud enough on their behalf. Stream it here:
RIYL: The Story So Far, Such Gold, Turnover
Track Listing:
1. Feels The Same
2. Turmoil
3. Cheap Sleep
4. Dry Spell