SECRETS Interview

By on December 13, 2012

Photo Credit – Megan Thompson


HHM – Overall, how did this tour go for guys?

Xander – Really good actually, it got a lot better because Woe, Is Me’s album came about half way through the tour.

Richard – The kids were starting to hear it, more of them coming out the shows.

Xander – it’s been awesome.

Richard – It’s been a great tour for us as well, we seem to have a lot of returning fans. This isn’t this mega big tour, it’s slightly more intimate. We have a stronger set this time and all the fans that are coming back are getting to see how much better we’ve gotten.


HHM – This is a pretty big package too.

Xander – Yeah, there’s some big names on this tour. Some big up and coming bands


HHM – SECRETS has quite a bit of tour experience under its belt already. Do you guys enjoy being on the road constantly?

Xander – I personally love it.

Joe – You learn to love it for sure.

Richard – There are times where you’re like “oh man…I wanna go home” but for the most part, it’s the reason why we do it. We chose to do this because we love it. Some people underestimate how awesome it is. They take it for granted. Those bands that are like “ugh…this is the worst life ever”. It’s the best life ever!

Xander – the only time I ever get homesick is when I’m missing like…

Joe – Holidays

Xander – Yeah missing holidays. Like right now, but it’s not too bad. We’ll get home before Christmas.

*phone rings in the green room and we’re trying to convince Val to answer it. Haha*


HHM – Who have you enjoyed touring with the most so far?

WHOLE BAND – Abandon All Ships! All the way.

Richard – They’re good dudes.

Joe – and Hands Like Houses .

Richard – We love Hands Like Houses and Skylines are good too. Those are probably our top 3 favorites.

Xander – We’re definitely the closest with Abandon All Ships. We definitely trade off members and stuff. Who’s sleeping in whose van that night…

Richard – They’re the greatest dudes.


HHM – You just back from the UK right? How was that experience?

Richard – It was awesome, it was just different than anything else we had done before.

Joe – Europe was amazing.


HHM – Anyone get into any trouble? *haha

Richard – Not really, everything went really smooth.

Xander – A lot smoother than we’ve heard it could be.

Richard – We loved it a lot. The kids are crazy there. It’s insane traveling across the sea and they know so much about you.

Joe – I can’t wait to go back.


HHM – Any plans laid down in the near future to go back?

Richard – We don’t have anything laid down but I’m sure we’ll be going back next year.


HHM – Being relatively young as a band…what do you think prepared you guys to move so quickly up in the ranks of post hardcore?

Richard – I think, we’ve been playing for a well. We’re young as a band but older as musicians. We had already prepared ourselves to go to that next step.

Xander – A lot of bands that get signed aren’t ready to tour 200 – 300 days a year. We were ready right off the bat to tour nonstop.

Richard – I also think we made it easier for each other ‘cause we’re not a bunch of dickheads.


HHM – Did you guys tour a lot before you got signed?

Joe – A little bit

Richard – Not enough to think we completely knew what we were doing.

Joe – enough to understand it.

Richard – You just have to have a level head and not be an idiot.


HHM – haha yeah…there’s a lot of fucking idiots out there…


HHM – The Ascent has gotten really good reviews, how proud does that make you feel when your debut is held in such high regard?

Richard – Very proud, I love it.

Xander – It’s awesome. A lot of debut albums aren’t considered to be really good, by industry standards. Ours got really good reception. Good billboard chart spots, everything.

Richard – It’s still doing pretty good, it’s crazy. We just can’t wait for the next album. We’re looking towards the future.


HHM – With that said, Does that put added pressure on you for your next record?

Richard – not at all, I feel like we still have so much room to grow on this album. It’s perfect, some people write and album that’s too good then the next album brings them down because it wasn’t quite as good as the first album. I think we have a lot of room to improve. Plus, we’ve grown as musicians so I absolutely positive the next album is going to be better.


HHM – How far are you with writing for the next record?

Richard – no where…


HHM – Fucking slackers!

Joe – After this tour, we’re going to write it.


HHM – No riffs, sound banks, nothing?

Xander  – We’ve got a few things, some lyrics…

Richard – I always write lyrics in memos and stuff.

Xander – In the notebook app on the phone.

Richard – I have guitar parts in my head. I write little one liners and ideas.

Xander – I do the same thing.

Richard – I want this next album to be really lyrical.  


HHM – Well…you crushed my next question “where do you find time to write?” Cause you haven’t…haha

Michael – It’s okay man…it’s alright it’s alright

Xander – haha Usually do a lot of writing on the road, while we’re driving. Like when I’m by myself driving, while everyone else is sleeping. I get ideas and start writing lyrics down.


HHM – Who in the bad is the biggest catalyst for writing and getting it started?

Xander – I’d say it’s pretty equal really.

Joe – This last album, we did most of it in the studio. Kind of on the spot.


HHM – That’s got to be tough.

Joe – Yeah, it makes you work faster though.


HHM – I been in and around the studio quite a bit. The studio is tense enough, without that added pressure.

Richard – We go in with a bunch of ideas and work with it there.


HHM – What are your biggest influences while writing?

Richard – I have mostly lyrical influences, Brand News, Bayside, Taking Back Sunday, Death For Cutie type stuff. They all just write really really awesome lyrics. It’s incredible. Deep stuff. Different than what most people are writing. Not simple and shit.


HHM – Is there any message you like to bring across the most?

Richard – The last album was kind of depressing.

Xander – The last album was just sorta all over. The last on the album “The Ascent” was just about trying to become a better person, overcoming any problems with drug addiction in your life. We kind of want to build on that for the next album. We want to be a lot more positive for the next album.


HHM – You sappy fuck….write something happy!! Haha

Xander – haha we want to write the next album to where if someone is feeling sad it will bring them up.

Richard – My favorite music to listen to is all really sad music. The next album hopefully won’t be so rollercoaster.


HHM – What, like The Smiths, Depeche Mode…shit like that?

Xander – Like, I’ll fall asleep if I listen to that.


Richard – I don’t know, I just really love that. The next albums gonna kind of have that one concept kind of feel to it. One base and more uplifting. There are gonna be down parts..

Xander – Always have peaks and valleys.

Richard – It’s not all gonna be about “Oh Happy Days” * in a very strange voice*


HHM – Have you decided where you’d like to record your next album? Back to Tom Denney?

Richard – Yes and we’re also going to throw it to Andrew Wade to do some mixing. He’s gonna have a big part in it as well. He’s great at engineering.

*sidetracked mostly by myself in a lengthy conversation about The Word Alive and Telle…*


HHM –Do you have any date or round about date when you might be entering the studio again? Full Length or an EP?

Joe – Right after this tour.

Richard – Let’s say January

Joe – We’re going to go do pre-production.

Richard – We’ll be going out to the studio in January to write. Then we’re gonna do our tour with Silverstein, then after that we’ll back to the studio to actually record.

Michael – So…March. Haha


HHM – Yeah, I’m a little annoyed with that tour. Glass Cloud plays on that tour with you and it completely skips Jerry’s hometown. Having to Drive to Richmond to see good shows is killing the environment. I should just go club seals myself, it would be cheaper.



HHM – What was it like being on Punk Goes Pop 5?

Richard – It was amazing. The three of us, Me, Joe, Not Xander and Michael love pop music to death. It was really cool to be able to do the song. A pop song. That song was really awesome to us. “Ass Back Home”


HHM – Some people shit talk Punk Goes Pop but, I dig it myself. I hope that it promotes both ways.

Richard – I think it’s great.


HHM – I used to be a little more narrow minded musically. Nowadays though, my taste in music is so broad. I get sent so much music, it runs the gamut from amazing post hardcore to just bottom feeding shit indie stuff. You come across a lot of music that you normally would like that you’re like “wow, that’s pretty good”


HHM – *Michael Owens – So, you’re new to the band right?

Michael – Yeah.


HHM – So, before joining the band, what were you up to?

Michael – I was just playing in a local band.


HHM – Gay Porn?

Michael – Yes! Gay Porn, Drugs…sexually transmitted diseases. Ya know.

(this statement, which I am PRETTY sure he was joking, probably ruined ever getting laid on tour again for himself. Sorry Michael and to his girlfriend. kidding!!.)


HHM – If you were in a local, how do you know everyone?

Michael – Richard and I have actually been friends for quite a while now. I met the rest of them band through him.

Richard – I’d say, Michael, the new bass player, was the reason that I was ever in SECRETS. We met when we were both in local bands. I quit my band, joined his…


HHM – and then left him….you’re a dick.

Richard – I lived with him for a while, we were best friends. I left for this band, then a little while down the road there was a space and I was like absolutely, let’s bring him in. That’s where we are now.

Michael – We’re in Virginia

Xander – And we love ‘em…and we’re gonna leave him here.

Michael – I’m just gonna stay here, this is my new place.


HHM – *Michael – Where are you from?

Michael – I’m from a little town called Taft, in California. Southern California.

Richard- It’s an oil town.

Xander – Both him and Richard are both from really weird town. Joe and I both are from V-town.

Richard – I was born in San Diego

Xander – It doesn’t matter…

Richard – I ended up in a shitty town.

Xander – Me and Joe live in V-town and I’m from Denver. That’s what’s up.


HHM – This tour concludes tomorrow, what are you guys doing, heading home for a bit, what?

Richard – We’re playing some shows with The Seeking. I’m sure this will be out after then..but….


HHM – No I’m transcribing on my way home tonight….haha

Richard – We’re gonna get really drunk and the end of the tour and then we’re gonna drive home.

(don’t drink and drive kids, don’t be a d…Richard. I’m sure he meant something completely different)

Richard – Then when we get home, we’re gonna fuck our bitches.

Xander – Can I first add to this….before we go on these one off shows with The Seeking, we’re gonna go to Michael’s girlfriend’s house and eat Indian Curry. It’s going to be amzing.


HHM – Looking to play Warped Tour 2013?

Richard – We’re too big for that.


HHM – Don’t fucking lie to me…

Joe – We hope we’re on it.

Xander – Let’s cross out fingers.

Richard – We’re really hoping we’re on it. Tell people to pray about it. 


Interview by Dave & ValHHM


Xander Bourgeois // Vocals
Richard Rogers // Vocals, Guitar
Michael Sherman // Guitar
Michael Owens // Bass
Joe English // Drums



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