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By on February 28, 2013

Hellhound Music had a chance to chat with Seeker lead singer: Bryce Lucien about the band’s upcoming tour, new material, and much more.

HHM: Now that you’ve had some time to rest; how did the tour with Corelia go for you guys?

The Corelia tour was great. We hadn’t played a lot of these cities in a long time so we were pretty shocked at the amount of people that showed up for us, knew the words to our songs, and got what we do. That was unbelievably flattering and extremely appreciated. We spend so much time working on this band and not giving any real thought to whether or not people will like what we do that it’s always a little bit surprising to us that anyone cares. 

Touring with a band like Corelia was definitely also an eye opening experience for us. None of us have ever toured with such an internet hype kind of band before, and it was definitely odd being out with a headliner that had really never been on tour before. Their first tour ever was in January with Misery Signals and the 10 days we did with them was their tour home from that, so it was definitely interesting watching them go from getting accustomed to the A level venues that they had been playing to the smaller, more DIY punk kind of spaces that we are so used to. It was kind of fun to watch them accept the reality of being on the road. Our band tours constantly and we have all been in touring bands for years so, for the first few days especially, things that we don’t even notice (no stage monitors, dirty venues, etc) seemed like the end of the world to them. We were quickly dubbed the “tour grandpas” and found ourselves in the unique place of having to coach a band that is definitely bigger than us through dealing with all of the difficulties of being on tour. It makes me wonder if the next generation of bands will all gain their fanbases on the internet before touring. It’s not a negative thing. It’s just different. At the end of the day though, Corelia is a group of unbelievably talented kids that I’m sure will be gigantic very soon. 

The other band on the tour I, Omega quickly became very close friends of ours. They are an amazing band and their new album will blow your mind. Check them out. 

HHM: Which State/city would you say was the best show for you?

That’s a hard question. Oklahoma City is always really good to us. Austin, Tx is our adopted hometown so we always love playing there. I’ll go ahead and say Austin. Our friend James runs a production company called Texas Metal Collective, and he put the show on at a really awesome venue called The Hole In The Wall. Our friends in Ugly Twin played, old friends came and hung out, our live show really bummed out this poor girl that came to interview us, and we all got way too drunk. Our Austin shows are always a blast and this one was definitely no exception. 

HHM: Which song was your favorite to play live? Why?

We added a very Old Man Gloom-esque interlude to our set right before we left that was an absolute blast to play live. It’s a lot more dynamic than the rest of our set and I get to do some pretty interesting things vocally. I’m still really excited about “Alone” so I love opening our set with that. The breakdown at the end is always complete chaos live, so I don’t see getting tired of that song any time soon. 

HHM: The “Serpent Skin” video turned out pretty rad, it had an awesome contrast; can you tell me about the experience shooting it?

We had way too much fun shooting that video. Our really good friend DJ Foley who works for a company called One Light Media shot it over a few days last June. The warehouse that we used as a set was like a rockabilly fantasy factory, so every time one of us was done shooting we would go off exploring and find all of these old muscle cars, motorcycles, juke boxes, oddities…it was great. None of us had ever shot a proper music video before (we have a live video, but that doesn’t really count), so it was definitely a really positive experience. 

We’re probably going to shoot another video, hopefully with DJ again, before too long. It’ll definitely be a lot darker than the one we did for “Serpent Skin.” Some of the ideas that have been thrown around are just unbelievably evil, so it’ll definitely push things a little further than we’ve ever pushed them before. We can’t wait. 

HHM: I was jamming your new single “Alone” all morning; I must say, it’s got to be your fastest song yet; can you tell me a little about the song?

It’s definitely the fastest and most aggressive song that we’ve released so far. Writing “Alone” was kind of the beginning of a new chapter for us. I look at that song as the beginning of us really coming into our own, figuring out what we really want to do, and making our sound more uniquely us. This song was a huge turning point for us, so I’m really happy that our friend Corey got to add some guest vocals at the end. He’s a close friend and a musician that we all respect very much, so it’s a really special thing to us that we got to collaborate with him on this. Check out his band Bermuda. They’re amazing. 

HHM: Care to discuss the meaning behind it?

The lyrics are incredibly personal, but without getting too specific, the song deals with feeling abandoned, lied to, and the devastation that having incredibly destructive people in your life can wreak on you and the people that you love. 

HHM: Does the song represent an evolution in your sound? Perhaps not a “new” direction but a modified one?

Absolutely, yes. Like I said before, I really do feel like “Alone” was the beginning of us really finding our sound. When we started the band we had a vague idea of what we wanted to do. We knew what bands we liked, and we knew what sort of vibe we wanted, but we weren’t really sure how to execute it or how far we wanted to push things with our sound. This is song is us finally doing exactly what we want to do. 

We’re extremely hard on ourselves. We don’t write filler songs. We don’t write because we feel like we have to. We try to challenge ourselves with each new song, and we always treat every song like it’s the last one that we’ll ever write. “Alone” is the first song that we’ve ever been completely content with. It’s the first song where I don’t feel like we compromised on anything, and it’s definitely indicative of what our new album will sound like. 

HHM: I noticed the fans were pretty amped on it; how supportive is your fan base?

Our fan base is ridiculously awesome. They make our shows pretty out of control. I’m always surprised at how much support we get from people and how excited fans of our band get about us. We definitely don’t take fans of our music for granted, and the fact that the music that we make means something to anyone is something that we definitely appreciate beyond words. 

HHM: Will “Alone” be part of a forthcoming release? An EP or Album? Or is it a standalone?

“Alone” is the first single off of our new full length. We’re still finishing everything up with the release, but we’ve had some lineup changes and a pretty serious evolution in our sound so we wanted to get the song out as quickly as possible. 

HHM: Any plans on releasing new content?

Definitely. We’re probably releasing another new song at the end of March, and a new music video closer to this summer. 

HHM: You guys seem to be pretty set on the DIY approach; how has this worked for you so far? How committed are you to the DIY way?

Our DIY attitude is something that we think about a lot more now, but it’s not something that was ever really pre-meditated. It’s something that just kind of happened out of necessity. I’ve never written or played trendy music. I came up very much in the underground experimental, crust, and grind scene. Think labels like Three One G, Hydrahead, SST, and Robotic Empire. Those were the kinds of bands and people that I was influenced by and that was the kind of music that I played. When my first serious band decided to start touring we realized very quickly that no one was going to just hand us anything so we started doing things on our own. That was how all of our heroes had done it so we never really gave it a second thought. 

Getting to where we are right now was a very gradual process, and there were definitely a lot of mistakes that we had to learn from. We started out booking short runs with friends’ bands. This led to us learning how to make our own website so we could get booked easier. Eventually this led to us booking full national tours for ourselves, putting out our own releases, doing PR for those releases, and booking tours for other bands. None of this was ever really planned. It all really just came from a complete addiction to forward movement and knowing that I had to run with opportunities as they were presented to me. 

Fast forward to today and Seeker’s DIY mentality is really just an extension of the way that we’ve always been. None of us are the kind of people to just sit around and wait for someone to hand us opportunities. We’re all very proactive people and we are very firm believers in taking charge of our own futures. Our DIY has worked very well for us so far. There are definitely pros and cons to doing things the way that we do them, but overall this works well for us. 

HHM: Would you ever consider signing to a label?

For sure. We’re not at all opposed to the idea, and we’ve actually been talking with a handful of different labels. If the right team of people comes along we would absolutely be into the idea. To us the biggest pro to being completely DIY is having complete control over our art, but if someone is willing to work with us and let us continue to be exactly what we want to be then we would definitely be interested in working with someone. 

HHM: I always like to get an artist’s perspective on the changing industry, label collapses, ownership rights and as a DIY band I’m sure you have some interesting insight to offer?

I honestly think that this is an incredibly exciting time to be in this industry. What we’re seeing is a complete gutting and rebuilding of the music business. It’s the Wild West right now, and from a creative standpoint, the current “anything goes” climate of the music industry is a dream come true. Artists are finally regaining control of their careers. 

As a band that is used to just doing things on our own we are pretty unaffected by the changes in the industry. I think that more traditional record labels definitely still have a place. We are very aware that there is a bit of a glass ceiling to how big we can get by doing things this way. Record labels really just need to be willing to adapt to changes. Forward thinking labels like Deathwish, No Sleep, and Sargent House are the future. 

HHM: I understand you guys have an upcoming tour announcement; any details you can spill?

It’s our first proper headlining tour and it’ll be about two and a half weeks long. It’s hitting some of our favorite places. We’re going out with a band that we’re really good friends with called Forty Winters, so it’s absolutely going to be a non-stop party. 

HHM: What is in the future for Seeker?

We’re trying to get our full length out by late summer/early fall. Aside from that, tours on tours on tours. We belong on the road, and we really shine in a live setting so staying on tour is the biggest priority for us. 

HHM: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans & our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Thanks so much to everyone that has ever come to a show, tackled me, let me scream our lyrics in their face, or told us that our songs meant something to them. 

Don’t settle for the status quo. Be yourself. Do what you want. Create your own future.


Interview by Matt Crane – HHM