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At the end of 2011, Belgium based melodic metalcore/ post hardcore troupe Set Things Right were in a bad place: vocalist Tom Welslau was extremely ill, having been diagnosed with a rare blood complication, and both his and the band’s future hung in the balance of the fates.

Fortunately, following six stressful months, Welslau was on the road to recovery, and the determination and positive mindset of both him and his bandmates saw the quintet resurrected and back in full flow, their resolve strengthened by the hardships life had thrown their way.

More focussed and ambitious than ever before, the band set their creative collective targets high, knuckling down in their rehearsal space for weeks on end- the result: stonking new single ‘DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES’, the band’s resonating comeback anthem. “We worked on this song for weeks, laid it aside, only to pick it back up and work on it again” recalls guitarist Kristof Du Jardin; “We wanted a perfect song – one where we had thought about every sound, word, and feeling we wanted to create. It has a lot of influences from different styles, without making the song difficult to listen to. We think it’s a natural progression into a more mature sound.”

To help them immortalise the fruits of their hard craft, Set Things Right travelled from Belgium to Reading, UK to visit Outhouse Studios, the birthplace of such UK scene classics as Architects ‘Hollow Crown’, Enter Shikari’s ‘Take To The Skies’ and Your Demise’s ‘The Kids We Used To Be…’ – albums that, in part, influenced Set Things Right’s approach to complex yet accessible songwriting.
“A lot of records they have produced have definitely influenced us over the years, each with a great sound, that never sounds exactly the same,” explains Du Jardin. “We knew we could sit together with them and find the right sound for us. We definitely learned a lot there; it was a great experience to work together with people who knew more or less exactly what we wanted. We were able to discuss our ideas – they understood what we meant.”

Looking to the future, beyond this impressive, boisterous comeback, Set Things Right already have an album’s worth of material written, and their new-found meticulous approach might see them putting together a modern genre-classic of their own: “If we went back to the studio now, we would have to choose 10 out of 20 songs that we love,” says Du Jardin; “But we want to wait and pick out the best of them to make this album as good as humanly possible.”

DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES is released on iTunes on JUNE 7th, 2013

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