Shai Hulud: Reach Beyond The Sun Review

By on February 10, 2013


Release Date: February 19th
Metal Blade Records

Hardcore vets Shai Hulud are back, and with former vocalist Chad Gilbert [for the first time in 10 years], have teamed up with powerhouse Metal Blade Records for the release of their 4th studio album: Reach Beyond the Sun.

The album kicks off with “The Mean Spirits, Breathing” a thrashing in-your-face assault of melodic hardcore and some killer gang vocals. The album’s 2nd track “I, Saturnine” displays a stellar distorted guitar lead and an impressively aggressive vocal onslaught. The album’s title track [a personal favorite] speeds it up with a catchy melodic rhythm, and one of the band’s most impressive guitar compositions to date. “A Human Failing” finds its strength in a tantalizing rhythm and really showcases a sense of urgency in the shouts of vocalist Chad Gilbert. The album’s 5th track “Man Into Demon: And Their Faces Are Twisted…” opens with a killer melody and serves as one of the album’s more experimental songs; I would cite some amazing gang vocals, but I can’t be sure if it’s just the power of Gilbert’s earth shaking shouts exclusively [this guy has some pipes]. “Medicine to the Dead” and “To Suffer Fools” continues the album’s exotic Melodic Hardcore direction before “Think the Adder Benign” slows it down [so to speak] focusing more on an emotional vocal delivery and the band’s technical guitar skill as a centerpiece.

“Monumental Graves” and “If a Mountain Be My Obstacle” impressively thrash the album to a close with the track “At Least a Plausible Case for Pessimism” a perfect ending and a final showcase of Shai Hulud’s musical blend; they are a Hardcore band, but with so much more to offer. Reach Beyond the Sun drops February 19th on Metal Blade Records. You can preorder the album today; be sure to grab your copy. In The meantime, you can checkout “Reach Beyond the Sun” below.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM