Shocking news for Dr. Dick Ramirez fans

By on September 20, 2014

Dr. Dick RamirezIt seems vocalist Justin Jackson will be leaving Dr. Dick Ramirez later this year. The band posted a touching yet “optimistic” status update to facebook last Saturday stating, “We love Justin, and will never forget our time jamming with him. Good luck.
Anyone with a strong work ethic and love (for) metal that thinks they got what it takes, let us know.”


Their fans (know as Dickheads) were shocked by this news, many posting “WFT” comments. The band also declared their shock at this news as well, yet they seem to have started looking for a replacement immediately. I personally am surprised no fans commented on this fact. Or the even more pressing silent question of “can anyone really replace Justin Jackson?” After all Justin is one of the most magnanimous vocals out there, “…an “in your face” onstage persona”, according to Dave Luttrull at And let’s not forget what Matt Baggins at says, “their (Justin’s) lyrics are violent and unforgiving, a true sign of the sheer destruction that Dr. Dick Ramirez sow with their unique and singularly evil brand of death metal.”


The band formed in early 2012 and started doing local shows right away. They released their first (and now maybe only) EP “Rape Kit” in May of 2013. Since then they have opened for bands such as Mobile Deathcamp and American Headcharge, earlier this year. And this June they played at the Foothills Gutfest in Colorado Springs, CO alongside such bands as Putrid Pile, Skinned, Impaled Offering, Exhumer, Amputated Genitals, and Unmerciful. Everyone expected big things from this band. Now all we can do is to wait and wonder what will become of Dr. Dick Ramirez and Justin Jackson as the part ways.


This band came a long way in just 2 short years. And you would think that after all they’ve been through the rest of the band would have waited a little longer before asking for a replacement on facebook, especially considering he’s not leaving until late November. This brings to mind words from Justin’s lyrics “They say keep your enemies close, your other face closer, that’s never been that enticing to me.”


It’s a sad end to an amazing band, in my opinion.

By Jessica Richardson


Author: DaveHHM

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