Show Your Stars and Stripes With 14 Cyber PR® Songs

By on June 16, 2012

“America is a tune.  It must be sung together.” 
~Gerald Stanley Lee

With Father’s Day almost here and Independence Day  right around the corner, it’s time to show some love – for your father and your country!

In anticipation for both of these holidays, we’ve put together a total of 3 playlists by our very own Cyber PR® artists.  Whether you’re looking for the song to dedicate to your daddy or to show your American spirit, we have 19 great new songs for you.

Last week we put an Official.FM Player together for you, making it as simple as possible for you to share this music on your blog, podcast or internet radio station! While the music is available on the VPKs of each artist (as always), our Official.FM Player can be embeded directly into your (or your Dad’s) blog posts and Facebook pages.

14 Cyber PR® Songs To Show Your Stars and Stripes

Cyber PR American Voices

Five Cyber PR® solo artists come together to show their American Spirit on our Cyber PR® American Voices playlist.  Kick off barbecue season the right way with these five patriotic tunes that are sure to make you proud to live in “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Lee Abramson – “Star Spangled Banner”
Alex Justin – “No Turning Back”
Mark Bray – “Liberty”
Gory Bateson – “There’s Nothin’ Happenin’”
Killian MacGeraghty – “The Pledge of Allegiance”

Cyber PR Band Together for America

Full of songs that get your blood pumping, this playlist shows that there’s strength in numbers.  Six Cyber PR® bands are proud to be American and are as explosive as fireworks on the Fourth of July.

“59 to the End” – Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders
“Shining For Me” – Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders
“QFW America” – Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders
“Free My Freedom” – Soul Purpose
“Rise Up” – Love Crushed Velvet
“ We Are the 99” – Hollywood Drunks
“Keep Old Glory New” – David Cousino Band
“The Ghost of Vicksburg” – The Stone Coyotes
“Plain American Girl” – The Stone Coyotes

5 Cyber PR® Songs Dedicated To Dad

Anna Dagmar

Song: Satelite

Within “Satellite,” Dagmar contrasts her parents. Of her father she sings: “I was raised by a man of reason/ In the elegance of truth/ Who plays with math like music/ And yearns for proof.” Of her mother she sings: “His heart belongs to a woman/ As selfless as the air/A helper and a holder/ With one sweet hour of prayer/ She kneels below the window/ And speaks to God above/ Whose quieting forgiveness/ Feels like a mother’s love.” As the track edges along, it becomes emotionally pent up, but the dynamic, waves-crashing turbulence in the reprise is satisfyingly cathartic. You get the feeling by the end of song she’s found the bridge between her parents’ complimentary contrasting dispositions.

David Bronson

Song: Unending (Underture)

A contemplative song, and the climax of David Bronson’s concept album ‘Story’, Unending (Underture) is less a direct message to his father, and more a reflection of the thoughts of a father – childhood, growing up, and the passage of time and life. This is an unconventional Father’s Day song at it’s best!


Song: Tell Me A Story

A Children’s song perfect for Father’s Day, Fern’s ‘Tell Me A Story’ is a song about little children wanting their Dad’s to ready them a story at night.

What more could a new Dad want on Father’s Day to know they are loved, appreciated and needed by their children!

Son of Levi

Song: Frozen Door

In 2008 LA-based singer-songwriter Chris Levy lost his father to brain cancer. Levy’s father was a singer-songwriter who became a businessman but still satisfied his artistic interests through managing his son. After loosing a father and a partner, Levy bravely decided to start anew with a symbolic gesture: He took on the name Son Of Levi to both honor his father and his heritage.

Kira Willey

Song: Dancing With My Daddy

A cute and upbeat tune, “Dancing With My Daddy” brings back childhood memories of anxiously waiting for your dad to come home from work.

What dad doesn’t like to hear that hearing their daddy come home is the best part of a child’s day?

Click here to listen to Kira Willey’s song ‘Dancing With My Daddy’


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