Six Years to release new album ‘Rivers’ this July on Sharp Attack Records

By on May 1, 2014
Six Years

Six Years is Marc Makarov and Vanessa Anne Redd. Their debut album ‘Rivers’ came from a request from Sean McLusky (1234 Records owner) to record a duet of Kris Kristofferson’s song “Help Me Make It Through the Night” for a feature film. Six Years is the side project of the critically acclaimed band Rubicks, and is a much more grown up affair which captures raw performance, intimacy and mood over production.

Self recorded in the back of 1234 Studios, an art gallery in Redchurch street, Shoreditch, a black room with nothing but some reverb and delay, a drum machine and their instruments , Vanessa on organ/guitar and Marc bass/synth. In the spirit of old recording studios like Sun records they recorded takes as live.

They ran into producer/engineer MPEG winner Al O’Connell who had his studio in the basement of the same building and he proceeded to mix and put the finishing touches to the record.

Rivers is a dialogue of lovers glimpsed through the shadows of stories influenced by  writers, Kris Kristofferson, Tennyson , Murakami , Walt Whitman, William Golding,  Greek/African myths / Native American influenced stories, Aldous Huxley.

Set in magical realities the thread of stories and myth run through like the Lady of Shallots’ cursed weaving and the thread of Anansi the spiders’ web. The lovers speak, tease, abandon, love, lust and long for one another. Intertwined with reflections on wild abandon, thoughts on death, the afterlife, heaven and hell, angels and demons and out of the doors of perception experience the artist deals with imagination and the creative process.


River of Dark

This is the story of two lovers entwined asking each other to stay the night pleading for salvation in each other’s arms.  Hoping their love will cure all ills.


The struggle of creativity. The idea that being lost in imagination is a good thing. Embracing the chaos.

This Is The Day

Hopeful, wishing that the perfect moment would stay frozen forever. Influenced by Tennyson’s story of the Lady of Shallot and the African myth of Anansi the trickster spider-god of all stories.


Inspired by the strange hotel and lift in Haruki Murakami’s book ‘Dance Dance Dance’ when the protagonist goes into the lift and ends up in a different magical world, and Aldous Huxley’s the Doors of Perception.

I Go Fast, We Go faster

The excitement and realisation of the need to move through life quickly,  making the most of every moment.


This is the story of a soldier going off to war and leaving the lover at home. A tragic end to a love story. The phrase ‘war’s perfume’ is taken from Walt Whitman’s novel ‘Leaves of Grass’.

Crazy Dawn

The image of Crazy Horse riding across the hills in the first light of morning.


This song encapsulates the idea of the femme fatale. The idea of seduction. A reference to Pincher Martin drowning chained to the rocks in William Golding’s novel. Seduction, capture and tease.

Help Me Make It Trough the Night

A Kris Kristofferson cover. The ballad of two lovers not wanting to spend the night alone.

Till Then

The story idea was influenced by Carol Carpenter / Sonic Youth track ‘Super Star’. The tragic tale of unrequited love, an imagined life between two people.


Influenced by the story of the Greek myth, ‘halcyon’ Overcoming all odds. The passage of time.Not being afraid of death or the future.


This is the lullaby of rest.



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