Slaughter-Que Festival in Atlanta photos and review by Gary Flinn

By on October 10, 2016

Slaughter-Que Festival 2016

By Gary Flinn


Over the last few months, changes in my professional life have kept me away from writing and concert photography more than I care to remember.  It didn’t keep me from covering the 5th Annual Slaughter Que hosted by Atlanta’s one and only, Legion X.  This year marked my third year shooting at Slaughter Que, so I was ready.  For those who don’t know, Slaughter Que is a day-long celebration of the local metal scene here in Atlanta entirely organized and set up by the guys in Legion X.  This year, over the course of 11 hours, there were 15 bands on two stages, 400 pounds of barbeque with untold tons of alcohol and non-alcohol based elixirs to soothe the savage beast (or unleash him), circus freaks, side shows, and carnival games, all set on the grounds of Atlanta’s beloved and soon to be no more Masquerade.  Sadly, this will be the last time Slaughter Que will be at 695 North Avenue, as the re-gentrification of the area has finally reached my home away from home and forced the Masquerade to find a new location, to which they will move to on October 23rd.

Many people come and go at Slaughter Que without realizing or recognizing the effort it takes to make something like this happen.  Legion X is Slaughter Que’s heart and soul.  They do the leg work, the organization, setup, and tear down.  Oh yeah, did I mention that somewhere in there, they also deal out a full set of their ass kicking metal as well.  After witnessing it myself three times now, I still don’t see how they have anything left at the end of the day.  My hats off to Syd Howell, Kurtis Campbell, Chet Powell, and Jacob Groce for all they do and have done to bring such a great celebration of music together for all of us.

Like any music festival, there is no telling what you might see at Slaughter Que.  The only difference is the freak show is part of the act here.  With the beloved Captain and Maybelle putting on their highly entertaining, yet cringe worthy act and the Imperial OPA’s appearances throughout the day with juggling scythe’s, sword acts, contortionists and acrobatics, there was always more to see than you could catch at any one time.  Then there was the music.  Rolling on the stages of Heaven and Hell, once the music started, it was basically a non-stop assault of metal as the show alternated from stage to stage, with Legion X capping off the night. 

I’m not going to individually review every band that played Slaughter Que 2016, but I will say that there was no shortage of talent on display this year.  Some I had never seen (and found myself wondering why not), other’s I have seen and known for quite some time, and yet still more that I had never seen or heard of, but quickly realized why they were chosen to play this year.  The bands at Slaughter Que 2016 (in Alphabetical Order) were:


All My Vices at Once

Dead to the World

Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters



My Dying Will


Prime Mover

Sleeping Bear

Soul Trap


Tombstone Blue


Legion X


I’m no psychic, but based on the past, I would say next year at Slaughter Que 2017 will be bigger and better than ever.  Until then, stay metal!  \m/

By: Gary Flinn HHM / Beyond The Pit


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