Slayer, Anthrax and Death Angel “Repentless World Tour” @ The NorVa, Norfolk, VA Oct 3rd 2016

By on October 10, 2016

As I walked towards the venue I could see the lines of loyal fans so eager to flock to the front of the stage. Tonight Slayer, Anthrax and Death Angel shall be playing to a sold out show. Not many show hit this venue and sell out. It’s going to be one hell of a night! First to hit the stage is a San Francisco bay area native Death Angel. Formed in the early 80s this band was known to be one of the major influences of thrash metal. Starting off with “The Ultra Violence” intro leading into “Evil Priest” which just lit the place up. Next they jumped into “Claws in so Deep” which just continued to fuel the crowd. One of my favorite songs played next “Left for dead” with blazing guitar riffs just love it. A total of 11 songs to make your ears bleed with joy they side there farewells as they exited the stage.




Next up a little east coast thrash metal band called Anthrax. Formed back in 81 by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker. Also consider one of the leaders in thrash metal. Starting off with a Black Sabbath “The Mob Rules” and leading into “Impaled” These guys have so much energy its explosive. It’s a shame that they didn’t have a longer set then the 9 songs that they played. I certainly would have loved to hear “I’m the man” or “Belly of the beast”.  To end the night they played “Indians” which everyone loved hearing.






So on to the main event. As the stage was getting set behind a white curtain wall shadows of downward crosses, pentagrams and Slayer’s logo the fans chanting Slayer, Slayer.. As Delusions of saviour played lights go dark and then boom! The curtain drops and the cord is struck on Kerry Kings guitar starting “Repentless”. The fans go nuts as a most pit is formed and heads are thrashing. Such hard hitting lyrics and blazing riffs it just can’t get any better but what’s this I hear coming playing yes “Chemical Warefare” another all-time favorite it just keeps getting better. Slayer is not holding anything back with the picks of songs from “Disciples”, “Postmortem”, “Hate Worldwide” a setlist of 20 songs filled the venue. Ending the night with these four favorites “South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Hell Awaits, and Angel of Death”. By all means if you have a chance to see these bands I would certainly get the tickets early because it will sell out!






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