Soul duo couple Aziza and the Cure release video from debut album

By on March 14, 2014
Aziza and the Cure

The new video for “Walked Away” from Aziza & the Cure features a personal look at a couple in love. The video is intimate, fading gently in and out of various domestic scenes interspersed with Joelle Britt playing violin and singing, and Bradley Rouen playing guitar.

Aziza & the Cure is a Symphonic Soul Pop group founded by a couple: Joelle Britt (violin, vocals), and Bradley Rouen (guitar, vocals). Other members of the group, whose ages range from 12 to 29, include Sunnaj Britt (violin), Iymaani Abdul-Hamid (viola), Sujari Britt (cello), Ian Baggette (bass) and Jamie Eblen (drums).

Characterized by their ability to simultaneously upend and uphold typical song forms, Aziza & the Cure’s debut album Through All Our Fears tells the story of Joelle and Bradley’s relationship from its rocky beginnings to its current intimacy. Often mixing many distinct genres into a seamless whole, the album is a song cycle that weaves through infatuation, betrayal, self-examination, and reconciliation.

“Walked Away” is the first track on the album, beginning as the background track for the Kickstarter campaign that funded the project.

“It stuck with us,” Joelle and Bradley explain, “So we fleshed it out, refined it, and ended up with the finished product that’s on the album.”

Through All Our Fears is available digitally and physically now. You can watch the video for “Walked Away” on YouTube.



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