SOULSTORM – New Release “Fall Of The Rebel Angels”

By on September 27, 2012

Soulstorm’s new CD titled “Fall Of The Rebel Angels” contains 10 new tracks that will fill the void for dark and bleak music missing from today’s scene. One of the original Death Metal and Industrial hybrid terror units. Combining the brutality of classic Death Metal with the eerie coldness of Godflesh inspired industrial madness. Foreboding rhythms , gloomy, abrasive, and most importantly an immersive listen comparable to bands like Godflesh, Swans, Obituary and Celtic Frost. The track “The Nihilism Quotient” features quest vocals by Rob Urbinati of Sacrifice fame.

01. Soulless
02. Interwoven  
03. Fall Of The Rebel Angels  
04. Kingdom Of Rats
05. Control.Suppress.Deny  
06. Descent Into Desolation  
07. The Nihilism Quotient (ft. Rob Urbinati of Sacrifice)   
08. Plague Of The North Winds  
09. Residual Traces  
10. Catalyst Rising  
11. Return To The Eve (Live) Celtic Frost Cover

Soulstorm was formed in May of 1991 by Nick Sagias (Bass/Vocals). Nick had just disbanded his previous band Overthrow and played in Holland’s Pestilence before realizing he needed to do something new and exciting. Soulstorm were one of the early underground pioneers in a wave of death metal with industrial overtones, sounding like a cross between Swans, Godflesh, Celtic Frost and Obituary. 
The band quickly recorded the “Control” demo (Epidemic, 1991). Four crushing songs, sounding like no other, quickly established the band as a force in the extreme metal music scene. After many impressive live shows it was time that Soulstorm was ready to release a full-length debut CD that came in the form of the highly acclaimed “Darkness Visible” (Metal Blade/Music For Nations/Epidemic) CD in 1992. Soulstorm then released their first video for the song “Disruption”, which was directed by Andrew Hunt (Sweet Karma) and was nominated for a Much Music Video Award for Best Metal Video in 1993. The band showed no signs of slowing down after opening for Entombed, KMFDM, Cannibal Corpse, Grave, U.S.S.A., Malhavoc, Suffocation, Clutch, Cancer, Massacre and Milwaukee Metalfest ’93 as well as touring the United States and Canada with Sacrifice, Thought Industry and Genitorturers. The live band was so heavy that while opening for Genitorturers, they got kicked off the tour, missing a New York date as well as a hometown Toronto show for upstaging the headliners. 
In late 1993, Nick took a new approach and re-invented the bands sound with a new touring line-up, touring across Canada with Juno award winners Monster Voodoo Machine and releasing a second full length CD, “From Euphoria To Paranoia” (Cargo, 1994). Also released at this time was the band’s second video for the song “Turning Point” that was co-directed by Sagias. After taking 1996 off, the “F.E.T.P.” line-up got back together, stripped down the sound of the band and released the “Under The Killing Sun” CD/EP to a limited run of 1000 copies on Sagias’ own label. A video for the song “Brand New Day” was also released, co-directed once again by Nick Sagias. 
At the end of December 1999, Soulstorm called it quits and Nick Sagias put music on hold for the next 5 years, recording only once during that time. On and off from 2006 to 2011, Nick started laying down the foundations of Soulstorm’s 3rd full-length CD until 2011 when Sagias properly began work on “Fall Of The Rebel Angels”, which contains guest vocals by Sacrifice’s Rob Urbinati. 

The return of Soulstorm and CD release show for “Fall Of The Rebel Angels” came as a co-headlining sold out show with New York’s Hanzel Und Gretyl, to a viciously great response to the new line up of new guitarists Bryan Mallon (Wetwork) and Shawn Stoneman (Woods Of Ypres) as well as new drummer Chris Mezzabotta (Wetwork, Woods Of Ypres). The dedication and live fury of these metal veterans really showcased how deadly a live band Soulstorm could b


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